It's been a while, guys. Sorry about the delay. I've been wanting to see this film since I saw the first trailer, and a nasty case of pneumonia has kept me away from pretty much everything since my last post. Also, there might be some that notice that this is being written on Chappie's release day, some might wonder why I am watching this, and not Chappie... Come with me to the main post, and all will be elaborated.


I've been agonizing over this one for nearly 2 weeks now. Part of me, perhaps is a little jaded about gaming in general. After some recent disappointments, and a somewhat tight schedule when it comes to time for games. I love video games, but unlike movies, they require a much longer time commitment (at least the good ones, do). So, with that in mind, I managed to find three games that I am eager to see this year. Three games, that I hope to review before the year is up. Shall we begin?


As the year ends, I turn my gaze to the next year. I'm constantly looking to the future, and trying to see what movies I might want to see. Some years are better than others, offering up a veritable buffet of movies. Other years, are a little more lax, and I find myself starved for entertainment to look forward to.

So this begs the question... Is 2015 a movie buffet, or I'm I going to be playing a lot more video games this year? Read on and find out!


2014 was a big year. And as this year is kicked to the curb, now seems to be a good time to take a look back at the highs and lows of the last year. Did the things that we looked forward to pan out? Was the year a total disappointment? Is it worth looking at 2015 as a savior, or a continuation? Read on and find out what Frank has to say.


So, I love myself a little bit of role-playing. I find that it is a great way to distract myself from what can often be a rather ...depressing reality. For a time, albeit a brief one, you get the opportunity to be someone else, somewhere else. You can immerse yourself into a world unlike your own, and just have fun with things. These worlds are sometimes very restricting, limited by the capabilities of the machine they are made on. But as the hardware capabilities increase, the level of immersion does as well. Today, I'm diving into Dragon Age Inquisition, as I see whether this is a blessing from Andraste, or dark spawn of the vilest sort.


There is a sad reality to not doing this professionally, that is... I have to do a regular job to afford to watch movies to write about. Sadly, that means I miss release dates, and sometimes I have to skip movies I really wanted to see in favor of working an extra shift or two. However, this was the final item on my most anticipated films of 2014 list, and I could not let it pass by. So, despite this review being a week late, I present to you my thoughts on "Big Hero 6"


A while back, I nearly lost faith in the comics industry. DC had ruined their roster of characters with their New 52, and Marvel was embroiled in their seemingly endless array of events that required me to pick up 15 issues of comics I am uninterested in to get the entire story. I carried on with the books for a while, until DC shat out the massive turd known as "Villain's Month". From then on, my pull list was cut in half, and I was almost entirely Marvel exclusive. That has been the way it was, until I solicited my local comic shop guy's opinion on what I should try to broaden my horizons. So, today we step into the Way Back Machine, and head back to take a look at a title I missed in my myopic adherence to the status quo. Join me, as I take a look, at "Saga".


When I look at a comic, I often see things as not an issue of being a serial story, I tend to view it more as an overarching story. It is for this reason, that I often see the large compilations as a more complete experience, and more indicative of the whole. So when I review the first issue of something, I often find it a good idea to revisit things later, after seeing more of the story. This brings us to issue 2 of this comic. I believe this will be the 4th time I have written about Chris Campana's work, does this live up to his previous efforts? Read on and find out.


I personally love comics. I think this is a product of my love of story-telling meeting my love of art. Comics are the perfect amalgamation of these two art forms. For me, finding a comic that I feel passionate enough about to write a post about is something special. However, it is even more special when the people behind the comic approach me to write about it. So, here we have an instance of the latter. What do I think of the comic? Read on and find out.