The Commission Collection: Month 4

As I try and get the nerve back to do some writing again, after so long not being able to really focus my thoughts, I thought I'd take another monthly trip into our commissions. And, as promised this is another fun piece by the amazing Joe Eisma!

Worlds: Gladium Fantasy #1 - The Premise

Gladium Fantasy is the first ‘Worlds’ post I’m making because it’s been in development for nearly 4 years. It’s a role-playing game based around the simple idea of appeasing the Gods. The world of Thorón is cursed by its creators and within the land of Synthrel; gladiatorial sport of blood has kept the Gods at bay for over 3 centuries. Click the jump to see why this sport is so essential to Thorón.


The Battles begin. Finally finished the first battle, took a little bit longer than usual, due to the fact that it was a more collaborative process. But, after gaining the approval of the two people I needed approval from, here it is!