Have I mentioned how much I love animation before? I think I have... at least two or three thousand times, I'd imagine. Most of the time when Pixar releases a film, I try and get to the theaters to see it, because they tend to make some excellent movies, when they are not making Cars sequels... Naturally, I've been chomping at the bit to see Inside Out. So, did it live up to expectations, or did it fall flat?


Let the games begin. Sometimes, a lot of what I look for in a game can be discerned in the first hour or so of game play... This is not about reviewing the game, this is about telling you what my first impressions were. So read on and find out if this was a boring diversion, or a hell of a Knight.

MY TUNES- "PMJ- Part one"

I have a very deep love of music. I spend a lot of time listening to music in some fashion, whether it involves turning on some classical music to help me sleep, or turning on a nice road jam to drive, or even turning on a specific mood track to aid me while I'm writing, I love listening to music. I'm completely untrained in music, and believe myself to be completely unable to really write about it... But this blog is about things I am passionate about, so I'm gonna try to write about it now. Join me as I discuss one of my new favorite bands.


I've touched on the stuff put out by Ugli studios in the past. When Jason let me know that the latest issue was ready for review, I jumped at the chance to take a look. Now, here I am with my thoughts on the 3rd issue of Ugli Studios Presents. Is there gold in these pages, or not? Read on and find out.


It's odd how much work can interfere with things I set out to do. My goal was to see this movie last Friday, and I failed horribly. Now, I won't be seeing Inside Out until Thursday of next week. It's a vicious cycle, but I remain determined. So, with my free time for the week approaching an end, I stole away to the local multiplex to catch an early showing of Jurassic World. Was it worth the wait? Or was this a failure of Jurassic proportions? Read on and find out!


This is one of those unique cases where I have two different categories that this post could fall into. On the one hand, I could have called this a "Critical Hit", since there will be elements of a review here. On the other hand, it is very much a spotlight, since the game is still funding on Kickstarter. In the end, I obviously went with the Spotlight, since I think that most accurately represents what I am offering here. So... what is Civicus? Read on and find out!


It's Summer. DC had announced an event, and that can only mean one thing. Marvel has to attempt something similar! We are now a few weeks into the "Secret Wars" and I'm here to weigh in on the whole ordeal. Although, if you look at my title, my thoughts on this are going to be fairly obvious... Read on, and see what I have to say.