Bad Brews: Scrubbing the Floor at GP Cincy

I came, I saw, I scrubbed out. For all my preparations, I could not overcome beating myself. But, despite poor play results, I had a blast of a weekend. I got to hang out with friends I hadn't seen in a while, make some new friends, and play the game I love. Here's a recap of the high (and low) lights.


The comic book adaptation, is a risky business. They take beloved characters and interpret them for a much wider audience. For better or worse, this is an industry that seems to be growing exponentially every year. So, the question here is... Was Captain America up to snuff? Or was this one better left frozen?


Have I mentioned that I enjoy Wes Anderson movies? The stylized quirkiness of his films strike a chord in me every time.When I saw that there was a new one being released this year, naturally it made it onto my list of most anticipated films of the year. Now, after weeks of waiting I have finally managed to see it. Was it Grand, as the name implies? Read on and find out.


So, on top of loving video games, I am a big fan of cartoons as well. I remember being in high school when South Park first aired oh so many years ago. It astounds me every time I hear about it that the censors haven't had it yanked off the air. Now, there is yet another South Park game. Is it worth playing, or is it, like Mr. Hankey... A piece of shit?


So, I play an occasional video game now and then... having been off work due to some knee surgery, I have played more games than I normally would. I took the chance to try out the latest game in the Infamous series "Infamous Second Son." Was it a great addition to the franchise? Was it fun? Did I lose my mind, and try and break it against the wall to punish it for its insolence? Read on and find out.


The Muppets are a time-honored institution. For years they have been entertaining young and old alike. Granted there have been some bumps along the road, but when it came down to it, the Muppets have always been there. Which is one of the reasons that this film ended up on my list of most anticipated films for the year. Did it stand up to my expectations, or was this another Muppets Wizard of Oz? Read on and find out.

Bad Brews: Advice For GP Cincy

I want to take the time to give everyone some advice for the upcoming Grand Prix. And, by everyone, I really mean myself. A tournament like a GP or a StarCity Open in your home town is a big deal - especially if, like me, you don't get the opportunity to travel very far very often for Magic. I want to put my personal plan out there in the hopes it can help someone else achieve the success level I am striving for.

Bad Brews: Rocky Bobby

In a quest to build a midrange deck in a hostile format where the best deck preys upon midrange strategies, I've been tuning a Green and Black list and I think I've got something special. As another (more famous) Sean once said, "Gentleman, welcome to The Rock."


Let it never be said that fans have no power. Last year, the fans of Veronica Mars were given an ultimatum, raise 2 million dollars in about 30 days if we ever wanted to see the movie made. The Marshmallows responded, and we responded in a big way. Together we raised over 5 Million dollars. This... This is our movie.