Some might remember my "Most Anticipated Movies" for 2013, this movie was number 12 on the list. Seems odd that it is this far through 2014, and I am just now getting around to reviewing this movie. Well, Not my fault, the movie was pushed back, and now we are here, and it is time to see if this movie was worth the wait, or if it really put the Sin in Sin City! Read on to find out.


The superhero movie renaissance is upon us. It seems that there is a new film coming out every other week that is somehow superhero or comic book related. Honestly, I'm perfectly OK with that. There are some stinkers in the list but there are also the gems, like this year's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Now we wind down the summer with Guardians. How did it do? Read on and find out!


I'm going to say here, that when I created my list of Most-anticipated Movies, this film managed to slip under my radar. I honestly don't remember it showing up in any of my perusals of this years releases. I will admit that had I seen the premise of this movie, as well as the people involved, it would have made it onto the list without hesitation. The question at hand now is... was it a good thing I didn't add it to the list, or was this exclusion a crime against cinema? Read on and find out.


Even when money gets so tight, I worry about paying the car loan, I still find a way to get out there and see the movies. In all honesty, the movies are one of the most simple joys in my life. In the theater, I find a sort of catharsis that is missing in many aspects of reality. Today, I went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. A long-winded title, to be sure... but is this a movie to go ape over? Or is it just a rotten banana? Read on and find out. 

EDITORIAL: "Advice for Kickstarter Project Runners"

I've been around the block a time or two on Kickstarter, and have seen my fair share of projects. After seeing a few mega-successes, and a couple major flops, I think I'd like to take a moment, and offer up some advice to prospective project runners. If you want a chance at success, follow these tips!


When the mood strikes, and I see a project that I find to be truly interesting, I tend to jump in and check it out. When things line up properly, I often get a chance to ask the project's creator a few questions that I can then post here. Being able to post these is a great honor, and I am glad to have the opportunity to present another one so soon after the last. Join me, as I delve into "Knight's Legacy: Awakening of the Pen Ddraig (Book I of III)"


I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time perusing Kickstarter, checking out various projects, and drooling over ideas much to rich for my wallet. The vast amount of creativity shining through warms my jaded heart at times, and at other times completely disgusts me. However, whenever I see that special project that needs a little push, I want to be there to direct people in the right direction. This, is one such project.


There are always times that I will head out to see a movie, not necessarily because I am terribly interested in seeing it, but because it lets me turn my brain off for a little while. Sometimes this leads to a wonderful experience, that borders on the transcendent. Other times, the experience is the sort of mind-numbing agony that guarantees that some of my brain cells will never operate in the same way again. So, is this an example of the former, or the latter? Read on and find out.


My love of animated movies is something that has stuck with me since childhood.I've been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. So much so, that it would be hard to choose whether I love Animation or Special Effects make up more. When there is a new animated movie coming out, I try to see it, unless I think I will look excessively creepy doing so. This particular movie, was one I was excited about, because of the love others had for the original... With that enthusiasm living in the back of my head, I went forth. But, was this an epic fantasy, or in need of a little more training? Read on and find out.


Another game review? What am I doing? I thought this one would be worth a quick write-up, because it was honestly one of the several games that I thought would be a great little game, and offer up a unique play experience. Did the game deliver? Was it a creepy little gem, or did it even have a ghost of a chance? Read on and find out.