Character Profile: Icarus


  • Anti-Grav - Through the use of his gravity manipulation powers, Icarus is able to fly temporarily, Jump long distances, and glide.
  • Everyday Genius - Icarus is a whiz with electronics, able to pick up just about any electronic system with just a cursory overview.
  • Gravity Well - Icarus can throw one of his discs to create bubbles of localized gravity manipulation. Creating a massive gravity well, a localized zero gravity environment, or anything in between. 
  • Gravity Athletics - He can use his gravity powers to manipulate his own mass, allowing him to move in ways that would be impossible for someone his size.

Name: Aleczander J. Richardson

Nickname: Zander

Alias: Icarus

Birth date: February 8th, 1994

Weight: 160 lbs

Body Type: Skinny/Runner's Build

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Education/Training: High School Graduate, Computer training, Undecided college Major

Occupation: Computer repair


Aleczander is one of the few powers that directly inherited his ability from a previous generation. His father, Abel Richardson was an original member of the Supara Institute of Technology (SIT), who also worked beside a notable founding member, Troy Landon. As a Power, he was able to utilize his ability to further some projects at SIT becoming a well-known master craftsman at gravity manipulation. Zander’s mother died when he was only 6 so there was a distinct fondness between himself and his workaholic father. The man did well by managing both aspects of his life. When Zander turned 16, it was about the time his father developed a rare blood disorder caused by an overexposure to unknown amount of radiation. Not terminal but crippling. So Abel was forced to retire.

This also affected their relationship; the energy, the drive, it all seemed lost until eventually died from heart failure in 2011. Zander felt the need to carry on his father’s legacy but in a different way. Just didn’t know how… until after the events of Supara.

Zander typically was an avid skateboarder, skydiver, or just risky… only because he could use his ability in a different way. Since almost everyone at school knew he was a power like his father… he could “do” certain things (using gravity manipulation as a trait to improve speed and strength rather than flight), though he wasn’t really allowed to play in any sports. So he found his own interests such as Programming and thrill seeking. Now he feels that he can put his father’s legacy to use. Using the power his father gave him not only genetically but mechanically (Gravity Discs). He calls himself Icarus after the Greek figure that flies with wax wings created by his father.



Zander is a daredevil of sorts. Much like his aspirations for tech, he wants to ‘top’ anything and everything. He is your geek equivalent of an arrogant jock without the smell and high school-ish insults. While killing people with kindness and wit, he tends take unnecessary risks for the sake of doing it. Though Zander will quickly realize that the necessities of wearing a costume in Supara come with a price. In time he’ll have to learn.