So Many Things, So Little Time

EDITOR’S NOTE: I realize its been a long while since I posted, so I will do my best to get updated on everything that’s went down since I was last here. If I leave something out, let me know.

Wow… I’m not even sure where to begin. There has been so much that has happened since the last time I had a moment to write something meaningful, both in the world and in my own life. I’ll try to make this as short as possible, I promise. I’m going to highlight the good, the bad, and some of the in-between in the latter half of 2016. Let’s get ball rolling:


There have been lots of good things happening in my world. I got transferred to a new location at my main job (more on that in a bit), and I’m taking more responsibility and hoping to be making a considerable amount more money, so huzzah! I am more financially stable than I have been in a long time, I’m a lot happier than I have been in a long time. My depression has been wavering in and out, with a few bouts of severeness sprinkled in, but nothing too extreme. I’ve been trying to spend more time with my friends, because I love them and don’t get to see them enough.

I also got a second job, as I started working at the card shop that I also frequent to play Magic: The Gathering, Timewarp Cards & Comics. I am head of social media output, and I am also one of the assistant operating managers, helping make sure things are getting done and look good when the big guy isn’t there. The best part is, its something I like to do, and its something that I can be very flexible and work around my Kroger management schedule, and I also get to help a shop grow in an area that has seen too many places like itself get bogged down and close up shop. If you haven’t stopped in yet, I encourage you to stop in and say hi and buy something for your nerdy side.

I have also made more friends in the community that let me be more open and free, and also let me be myself around them. Its something that was sorely needed as my closest friends we don’t always get to see each other as much as we’d like due to being busy adults with things to do. I finally got some organization in my life at home, and I’ve been working to keep it that way. Hopefully it’ll let me keep writing unlike last time. I’ve been able to expand my family as well, with the help of the Stamper family, and even got to help my friend Stephanie walk down the eisle on her big day. I was honored to help out.

As far as my new location, it has had it’s ups and downs, but overall has been good. Its reminded me that not every store is lucky to have the staff that I did before, and I am doing my best to show that I’ve got what it takes to run this store with the best of them. Most of the people have been warm and inviting and do their best to help me when they can. Theres so much going at that store you never really have any down time to do anything. Sometimes that’s good, most of the time its bad, but I try to make the best of it when I’m there. It is definitely a different animal, that is for sure.

Finally, my mostly (but not really) guilty pleasure, professional wrestling. IT. HAS. BEEN. INCREDIBLE this year. Between WWE’s Brand Split being a boon for so many different individuals and putting on some the best matches they have in their history, and companies like TNA finally letting someone like Matt Hardy put his stamp on the business, New Japan having faith in Kenny Omega to put on one of the best wrestling matches in history, or Lucha Underground pulling the rug out from under us with a new and interesting way to present this incredible sport. It has been the Year of Matches, and if you read my last post about the State of the WWE, just know that the list of Match of the Year candidates has about tripled.



Well, let’s start off with the gorilla (pun intended) in the room. Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, and will take office in less than two weeks. What happens from there is anyone’s guess. I’m hoping that he turns out to not be as bad as I think he will be, though I am not going to be surprised if he’s not. Its all a guessing and waiting game from here on out. I’m trying to stay positive. I promise!

Working at the new store has been good, but it has made a huge impact on free time. There are days that I am so worn out that I don’t want to do anything. That makes gaming, friends, even writing this blog very difficult. Again, I am and will remain positive until something gives me a reason not to be.

ALL THE CELEBRITY DEATHS! Oh my god, if there was anything truly bad about 2016, it was the untimely deaths of some of our beloved childhood heroes. We lost “To Kill a Mockingbird”author Harper Lee; Hans Gruber/Severus Snape himself, Alan Rickman; Glenn Frey of the Eagles; Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, and many more. The Star Wars Franchise even lost two LEGENDS in Kenny Baker, the voice and body of R2-D2, and THE PRINCESS HERSELF, Carrie Fisher. 2016 has taken so many people from our grasps, and not just celebrities. Countless mass shootings, like today down at the Fort Lauderdale Airport where a shooter killed 8 people and injured several more, or the mass hate shooting/terrorist attack at the PULSE nightclub in Orlando, Florida that left 49 dead and 50+ more injured. The world has been a bad place for people lately. All we can do is try and have hope, and to try and educate people that violence is not the way. Its just not, and the current lasse faire treatment of all this violence has to stop if we are to ever become a better species.


That was a lot more than I thought I would plan on writing tonight. But I’m glad I did. It has been entirely too long since I sat down and just wrote words down. In a couple months, I’ll have a fairly set schedule and be able to actually schedule time to write here for you guys. I promise they wont be just rehashes of current events, because that would be boring. There will be short stories (including some for Supara, the world we are building over at Slamfist Media), editorials on television, gaming, and nerd/geek culture in general, and even just random thoughts that are running through my head. Stay tuned, and I’ll see you soon. Peace!