Character Profile: Dakota Gretchen - "Starstruck"

Name: Dakota Rae Gretchen

Nickname: Rae-Rae

Alias: Starstuck

Birth date: 08/07/1994

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 116 lbs

Body Type: Slender

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Green

Ethnicity: Caucasian 


Graduated West Rolsten High School

Currently attending Supara's Computer Science and Technology Institute


Grind/Rewind: Video and Coffee Bar

Volunteers at the Shady Ridge Retirement Center


  • Starburst – Gretchen can travel via flight for long periods of time but can also perform short burst of flight at speeds upwards of 800 mph which can temporally break the sound barrier.

  • Superhuman – Her abilities improve all her motor functions such as endurance, speed, and strength.

  • Starborn - Able to manipulate energy and expel it in shocking balls/beams of yellow and white light.

  • Effect - Since her body can manipulate energy; the same goes for her exhaustion and/or momentum. The more she uses her powers within a frame of time, the more powerful she becomes. It will take a major toll on her because the powers she possesses aren't meant for a human body.


Dakota is your all around "adorkable" girl. She endlessly adores life and the many wonders it brings. Ever since she was a child, her fascination with "The Foundation" was a typical interest for a child raised in Supara Valley. They were the first people ever to be revealed to the modern world with superhuman abilities. Though this obsession with "Powers" wouldn't end with childhood. Of the seven members of The Foundation, her favorite is and always will be Star Striker. 

Unlike the past, when the Foundation was founded; those with "Powers" don't act like super heroes. Illnesses happen, crimes are still committed, and people still die. Some of these situations needed a hero. Then one horrific day in Supara Valley, she was caught in the middle of a life or death situation and barely made it out alive. Then she met someone, someone she wouldn't ever expect to see...


Dakota is a fun, sweet, selfless girl who doesn't shy away from the normalcy but tends to over-analyze it. Her time is filled with taking care of old ladies at a retirement center, working at a coffee bar, and going to school. So when she's not constantly moving around, she's online blogging about her day. Dressed as Starstruck, she becomes almost someone else entirely; more confident in herself, gains a bit of sex appeal for the first time in her life, and tries to be the best hero she can.


Dakota is someone that we want everyone to relate to not just because her age but her sense of awareness. How she uses her abilities is going to play a major part in who she is and maybe in time, become the thing she hates the most. Though she's quite bubbly, we can see her transform into something darker overtime because in the end... the powers she carries aren't meant for a human.