Character Profile: Dario Rickman - "Warden"

Name: Dario Antonius Rickman

Alias: Warden

Birth date: 05/12/1979

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 270 lbs

Body Type: Very Built

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Ethnicity: African American


Graduate of Tortoro High School (Wesvale)

Bachelor in Criminology at College of Hudson (University of Supara Valley)

Graduate of Supara Valley Police Academy


Detective in the Power Related Criminal Unit at Wesvale Precinct 13.


  • Super Strength - Able to lift nearly 6000 lbs. before feeling a lot of pressure. This also enables him to leap further and take a bit more damage than a typical human being.

  • Herculean - Given his incredible strength and willpower, he can easily manhandle almost any opponent in barehanded combat using standard wrestling and police take-down tactics.

  • Third Arm - Even though Dario can wrestle a giant with ease; he does occasionally wield a modified shotgun that can fire various forms of non-lethal ammo such as shock pellets, smoke bombs, grapplers, nets, etc. The list can go on and vary depending on the type of mission.


Dario Rickman is a quietly celebrated individual. Top of his class at Hudson and believes in the principles of justice. His only secret from everyone including his family, is that he is a 'Power'. Too terrified to get sucked into the spotlight at a young age, he chose to keep it hidden away. He grew up in a world where 'Powers' were mysteriously dangerous. The guilt of his secrecy led him to become a police office hoping to bring a non-biased view to the force. Now second in command of a task force called the "Power Related Criminal Unit" dealing with homicides, robberies, petty theft… regardless of the case… if it has to do with a power; his unit is assigned the case. Now a workaholic husband of Sharlene and father of two; Sophia (5) & Sasha (8), Dario's living the life he's always dreamed of... until the events of downtown Supara. 

This is what led him to try to make a difference beyond the blue uniform, this is what led him to work outside the law, and this is what led him to partner with the criminal known as 'Sync'.


Being a highly respected detective working in an under-budgeted department doesn't affect Dario’s outlook on life. That is until the events of Supara. He'll have to deal with running three full time lives as an officer, a masked vigilante, and a family man. Stretching himself this thin will ultimately change his life with his family and career. His demeanor will change into something of a jaded veteran lost in the woods.


This is your Jim Gordon and Batman in one. Except this time… Jim works within a special unit meant to police a certain group of people (Powers), while continuously fighting corruption from the inside out. Teaming up with “Sync”, weighs heavy on him as he continuously questions his every move. He’ll struggle with the fact that all the things he’s doing is also considered corruption... and in most cases; an act of terrorism. The term justice will constantly be re-evaluated and maybe... re-purposed.