Character Profile: Ellen Eckhart - "Sync"

Name: Ellen Jane Eckhart

Nickname: Ellie

Alias: Sync

Birth date: 03/15/1991

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Body Type: Athletic

Hair color: Brunette

Eye color: Brown/Honey

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Japanese


Graduated North Richmond High School (Richmond Virginia)

Dropout of M.I.T. for the School of Science & Computer Development


Suspected Criminal for Burglary, Grand Theft, and countless acts of Cyber-Terrorism.


  • Tapping – Ellie has the ability to view, create, hear, and manipulate information through electronic devices with just touch.

  • Surfer - When Ellie taps (meditates) into a device/network, she can see whats going on as she surfs. Her brain reanimates and reorganizes the information in a physical-like world which she can mentally walk through.

  • Torrented Discipline - Over time, she becomes a self taught genius. Finding ways to improve her physicality by the way of the internet. For example: eating healthier, creating/stealing certain weaponry, adapt and create unique fighting styles, and improving stamina. Basically making her the perfect spy.

  • Soul Surfer - Not right away but she'll have the ability to tap into people's memories like a hard drive.


Ellie was raised by a wealthy family but never took their fortune for granted. Throughout high school, her brash and 'in-you-face' attitude was something of an issue despite being the smartest person in the room. Once she was accepted and taking classes as MIT, that's where things were starting to get a little too interesting. Unlike most 'Powers', her abilities manifested late in her freshman year of college during an assignment. Unknowingly (until it was too late), she tapped into a live secure conversation between government officials about a the amount of lives that would be lost during an operation called 'SV - Rebirth'. They immediately found the breech, tracked the new Power via IP Address, caught her, and put her into custody.

It's still a mystery how she escaped but from that point on, she's been on the run. Working odd jobs and still discovering new aspects to her abilities. No one has seen Ellen in over a year but she is the major suspect in multiple robberies. She continues to stay alert and on the move... all the way across the country to Supara Valley, California.


She has always been tough to deal with growing up and almost... literally knowing everything didn't help the matter. After her escape, the world hardened her in a way she never thought of before. No money and on the run... she had to completely rely on her powers to get by. She slowly learned the ways of the criminal underworld because it was easy cash... never letting anyone know exactly who she was or what her abilities could do. Quickly becoming a legend. Though she wasn't in it for the money... she wanted to know the truth and clear her name... and she'll do anything to get it.


We want Ellie to battle with herself. She's left with her powers, alone, for too long and has gotten used to the world she's created for herself. Her concept of what's right and wrong is fading but her curiosity can and will get the best of her. We want her to be this moral floater between right and wrong and when she finally meets up with Warden and the others in Supara Valley... that's where we're likely to see her change, for better... and for worse.