ORIGIN STORIES among other notable events.


1947- The Cold War begins between the USSR and the USA


Rise of the Foundation


August 7th 1948 – Supara Pier

First reveal of the existence of “Powers” and new policing initiative “The Foundation.”


1948 - (FIGHT or something notable)


1949 - (FIGHT or something notable)


1949 – Supara Valley

“Act: Order of Superhumans” was put into effect. (Basically a few power guidelines about safety, privacy, policy, and property… we’ll think of something.)


1949 - (FIGHT or something notable)


1950 - (FIGHT or something notable)


1951 - Wesvale

Elephant man was shot and kill (special weaponry) in an dark alleyway coming home from the store. The only suspect was let go on the account of no eye witnesses claimed he was at the scene of the crime (though he was).


1951 - (FIGHT or something notable)


1952 – The Soviet Union sends in their first powered Espionage team to attempt to infiltrate the United

States Government. A “married” couple and their college age son enter the Washington DC area, with rather convincing histories. Anyone who questions their history mysteriously accepts it after just a brief talk from the wife.


1953 - Defiance

Bowman was beaten and lynched outside his estate. No one was arrested. Body was discovered by his daughters the next morning.


December 31st, 1953 – Elizabeth Grant, Daughter of wealthy socialites James and Virginia Grant goes

missing at a New Years Ever Party. Charles Hudson was in attendence.


December 1st, 1954 – The Powered spies are captured, and attempted to be brought in for trial. The wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances, while the others were killed in an apparent attempt to escape. This Soviet intrusion on American soil validates Joseph McCarthy's paranoia, and leads to an extended period of McCarthyism worldwide.


1955 - Sháobīng

Shifter was supposedly smuggling goods with a few other criminals when the police came in gun blazing. Everyone there including one cop was killed during the raid. It wasn’t until 1962 when the truth came to light that Shifter was set up by a police officer who was a part of an anti-powers organization.


1955 - Downtown Supara

Supara Institute of Technology was founded and funded by the National Division of Sciences.


1956 - Seattle, WA

Star Striker’s costume and blood was found on a motel bed. Her body were never discovered but she was presumed kidnapped; and then dead only a few months later when the trail went cold.


1958 - Las Vegas, NV

The Reader, having complications with her ability and being overworked, she went missing. She was discovered at a diner outside Las Vegas. She overdosed with her head resting on a toilet seat.


1961 - Thanh Ho, Vietnam

Imperial was considered M.I.A. after he was drafted into Vietnam. Some believe he had died, others believe he still roams the thick jungle and survive off the land.


1962 - USA

The rise of the anti-power persuasion became a new focus for a number of political groups.


November 22nd, 1963 - Dallas, Texas

The 35th President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while travelling with his wife in Dallas. A major theory at the time was that a Power was a part of the assassination due to the “magic bullet theory”. This alone heighted the scare of Powers among normal… even though it quickly dissolved into a lesser theory. This entire event is what most believe is what sparked what happens next.


February 22nd, 1964 - Supara Valley (CA), Manhattan (NY), Richmond (VA), London (UK), Vancouver (CAN), those are just a few major areas of “conflict”.

Now known, as “3 Day Wars” or “The Power War of ‘64”… it was a semi-global equalist conflict between extremists with and without superhuman abilities. It lasted 3 days but it changed the way people look at Powers (since they were the ones who fought back the least. The first and final blow ended in Supara Valley with a total of 1,200 lives lost. The most lives lost on American soil since the Civil War.


Post Power War


March 7th, 1964 - Supara Pier

Dropping the title Sargent and a member of Foundation; Charles Hudson declared that a good idea went bad because we (they) didn’t know what they were doing. He wanted to rebuild Supara in a different light. Instead of the mass destruction and death we’ve witnessed over the years, we’ll take what Foundation was trying to do and develop it within practical and contained ways. Always building a better tomorrow instead of protecting it with brute force.


1964 - California

Due to the extreme amount of Powers living on the West Coast, a few more laws were put into place regarding certain types of abilities being outlawed. Enforcing the old ones as well.


1965 - Downtown Supara

Hudson help fund the massive rebuild of the east side of downtown.


1966 - Downtown Supara

Plans set forth to create the tallest building on the West Coast.


1968 - Sháobīng

Hudson founded (his research facility)


1975 – In response to new economic sanctions, Russian General Stefan Aleksandrov fires an ICBM at the west coast of the United States. The Missile is mysteriously detonated in the middle of the ocean. The resulting shock wave however sends giant waves crashing into California, destroying several small coastal businesses.


1978 – In response to the Aleksandrov Affair, the Russians are hit with economic sanctions from the international community.


1981 – In a deal brokered in part by Supara's own philanthropist, Charles Hudson, the USSR is dissolved into a loose coalition of countries. Democratic elections are held, and new governments are established in these new countries. Russia itself fails to comply with the UN-mandated disarmament, and is quickly wiped off the planet by their former countrymen.