One Shot RP Hook and General story.

Narration heavy moments in the beginning. Set the stage for how things will progress.


Me as DM: “The following 'adventure' will use your already existing character sheets. No damage or anything will be permanent. So, don't worry about death. Hopefully you'll have fun.”


Me as DM: “The party sits around a small fire, night has just begun to claim the world, and the moon hangs full in the distance. Cade sits there quietly strumming his lute, looking about at his gathered...friends?”


Cade speaking as Cade: “So, I've been working on a new story, COMPLETELY original and not based on anything else! Since we are here, and we have time... I was wondering if you'd all indulge me, and listen to the tale... give me some feedback afterward. It will help pass the time, and provide some much needed levity!”


**Wait for everyone to agree... or if they don't barrel on into the story anyway. Cade is crazy like that**


Cade as storyteller: “All great stories begin with certain key elements. A dusty tavern, a chance meeting, or a monkey.


Our tale begins in an old tavern, the place looks abandoned. The scent of decades of pipe smoke, and spilled ale still manage to fill the air, though. Behind the bar, a lone monkey sits, idly wiping down the bar top. (Insert number of players for the day here) weary adventurers slowly make their way in. Each one holds a small card with an identical crest on the back.”


**Wait for characters to react to their surroundings.**


--If characters attempt to introduce themselves, stop them and provide them with a new name, that is a vague mask of their actual name. (Example. Tali would Nali... Bryn would be Wryn, etc) Because Cade is TOTALLY original.

--If they check the cards, mention that they read “Meet with the bartender at The Elder Sign, a small tavern along the river in Dunwitch.”


--If they try to discern the meaning of the crest on the cards, unless someone rolls a 20, it looks vaguely familiar. If someone DOES roll a 20, say that it appears to be the seal of (Insert Kingdom name here)


--If they approach the monkey, have the monkey look up at them, with a slight level of menace on his face.

--If they try to talk to the monkey, have it start jumping up and down angrily, causing a massive racket. This seems to summon a dwarf from the back room.


Cade as narrator: “An older dwarf emerges from the back room. His balding head surrounded by a tangled mess of salt and pepper hair. His beard is full of braids and random trinkets. He looks up at the gathered adventurers with a gleam in his tired gray eyes, until he sees the cards in their hands. Then his face falls, and he lets out a long exasperated sigh.”


Cade as Dwarf (Spoken in bad scottish-ish accent): “Oh boy. More of ye feckless adventurers. Would it be too much to ask for the bloody nobility to just send in a new sheriff? (Another long-suffering sigh) Well, I suppose yer deaths won't be on my head, so if yer interested in the job, ask me anything ye want.”