Name: Joshua Spaw (JLSpaw)

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

What do you enjoy writing on Slamfist Media?

Mostly film/TV show reviews, first impression board gaming with a tad bit of editorializing every now and again. I also head up the Supara Updates in which is a semi-regular monthly post about our Supara superhero universe project. Other than that, I do most of my writing off the web and on our projects.

What are you passionate about?

Writing. Plain and simple. In a sense it’s therapeutic, in another, it’s more stressful than a paying job. It doesn’t matter if it’s a review, an editorial, or my own project… if I feel like it’s not good enough, it’ll get tossed to the wayside. I refuse to turn out content for the sake of content. I’m passionate about getting some of our creativity out there for the world to experience it right along with us. If possible, give it to them for free. Something I didn’t have growing up.

Besides working on Slamfist Media related projects, what else do you do with your free time?

I spend a lot of time digesting as many different forms of media as possible. I listen to a lot of podcasts from Nerdist Industries, SModcast Network, and Darker Projects. Some of my favorite podcasts are We’re Alive, Leviathan, The Truth, The Smartest Man in the World, and Freakonomics. Beyond that, web-comics like Questionable Content, xkcd, and Dork Tower absorb the precious moments between everything else. Lastly, I’m a HUGE board gamer. It’s absolutely my favorite kind of activity.

What would you consider your greatest influence(s) that inspire you creatively?

Joss Whedon's writing and direction has always influenced me a great deal. The same goes for Kevin Smith because they don't play to a broad audience... they write for their fans and unknowingly create a community of "to-the-death" followers. Their style(s) of writing aren't at all similar but they have a nice wit/banter to it which to me is a far grade better than your typical Hollywood screenwriter. Their attention to little details and the risks they're willing to take are impressive... even across different mediums. They continue to impress me.

Do you have any personal goals with Slamfist Media?

Reviews and editorials are the backbone to this blog but I would to establish a community of like-minded creators. We have this little project called Supara and it’s the most ambitious thing I’ve ever tried to develop. I would love it get it to a point to where we’re not the only hands shaping that universe. I want to see it grow and possibly into all sorts of different mediums.

List some of your favorite movies:

  • Oldboy (2003)
  • 12 Angry Men (1957)
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Day of the Dead (1985)
  • The Raid: Redemption

List some of your favorite television series:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Firefly
  • The Wire
  • The West Wing
  • Party Down

List some of your favorite books:

  • World War Z by Max Brooks
  • The Foundation (series) by Isaac Asimov
  • The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) by J.R. Tolkien
  • The Legend of Drizzt (series) by R.A. Salvatore
  • The Cleric Quintet by R.A. Salvatore

List some of your favorite board games:
  • Smash Up | ARG | Designer: Paul Peterson
  • BattleCon: War of Indines | Level 99 Games | Designer: David B Talton Jr.
  • Ascension: Deckbuilding Game | Stoneblade Entertainment | Designers: Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, & Brian Kibler
  • The Settlers of Catan | Mayfair Games | Designer: Klaus Teuber
  • Cards Against Humanity | Cards Against Humanity, LLC | Designers: Josh Dillon, Daniel Dranove, Eli Halpern, Ben Hantoot, David Munk, David Pinsof, Max Temkin, Eliot Weinstein

Where else can we find you?