Birth date: November 1st, 1984
Height: 6’2’’
Weight: 200 lbs
Body Type: Tall, fit
Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Multi-racial – White/Hispanic (Jennifer) / Irish-American father (Nigel)

Education: Master’s Degree in Psychology from Skyward University (Boulder, Colorado), Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Psychology at the UCLA.



Localized telekinesis (focus on a few objects at a time, requires concentration to maintain constant hold). Trained in single and dual-handed weapon fighting, some firearm training, and efficient hand-to-hand combatant being trained by the FBI. Uses small knives and eskrima sticks, small firearms. Uses telekinesis to throw knives and curve bullets, ensuring pin point accuracy, and as a defense mechanism.


Uses his strong psychology background to trace criminal motives, analyze thought patterns, etc. As a private investigator, he helps mostly low end problems for money, and uses his money to fund his crusade against Jack (Devil Red). Consults for FBI, now that he doesn’t work for them, and uses his connections there as well.






Mid to late 20’s version of Michael Fassbender (see photos below) wearing a light blue, long sleeve dress shirt (but the sleeves are unbuttoned and rolled up) with a white collar and no tie, buttoned charcoal colored suit vest and dress pants. Single holster with gun attached to the right side of his belt and his badge on the left. Gold watch (right side), black dress shoes. His hair closely resembles that of Fassbender’s as well except darker and slicked back.


Unzipped navy blue modern motorcycle jacket with some built in Kevlar and a white reflective stripe going down each shoulder/arm (see photos below). Grey mock turtleneck with three mid-chest buttons, grey/charcoal gloves, and charcoal colored padded pants also with a reflective stripe down each side and then tucked into black combat boots.


His mask closely resembles Captain America’s but without the top part open much like Gambit’s. Since his hair is typically slicked back so it would still be similar due to how the mask would allow it to lay. Probably closer to Gambit’s hair without it being too crazy. His mask also gets a little lower as it dips around the back of his head (about mid-way). As you can see in the last reference photo… there is a seam around all the open parts of the mask to look more realistic rather than just latex wrapped on is head. Any ideas on how to improve the blend between the mask and turtleneck via a pattern would be cool. I know there is a lot of different photos and ideas floating on such a simple concept, please let us know if you need any help deciphering it.



Elijah’s father was murdered when he was fifteen years old. He vowed to find the person who killed his father, and when he finally found the culprit, a man named Thomas Reid, he confronted him. Unbeknownst to Eli, Thomas was a Power. Using his super-strength, Thomas threw Eli through a store window and onto a street in downtown Supara. While trying to stand up, Eli was hit by a car Thomas was driving and was hospitalized for 6 months, with multiple broken bones. Eli discovered his abilities trying to reach for a glass of water in his room. He learned that if he concentrates, he can control multiple items.


He graduated high school, and attended college at UCLA earning a degree in Criminal Psychology, and then got his Master’s degree in Psychology at Skyward University. He got a job working for the FBI as a Criminal Profiler, using it to track down dangerous criminals across the country, and hoping that it would lead him to Thomas Reid. Eli has encountered many Powers in his line of work, and being a power himself, he has been come an asset to his team at the FBI. That is until he finally found Thomas. Thomas was leading a group of thug Powers planning on assassinating a Senator from Montana. Eli lead an undercover strike team to thwart the attempt on the Senator’s life. An eye in the sky caught the location of a sniper and using every ounce of willpower he had, knocked the bullet off course and saved the senator’s life.


During the escape, Thomas and his crew tried to escape through and abandoned warehouse, where Eli used his powers to immobilize the getaway car. While Eli’s strike team subdued the other crewmembers, Eli used his powers to pin Thomas against a wall. Revealing, in his hand, the bullet he stopped from killing the Senator, Eli used his telekinetic powers to drive the bullet through Thomas’ knee, not wanting to become a murderer. Thomas pulled a gun on Eli, and in an act of self-defense, deflected the bullet, which went through Thomas’ brain.


In the present day, Eli still works for the FBI, but only in a consultant capacity, and opened his own private investigation office. He has learned that Thomas has a son, Jack, who goes by the alias “Devil Red”. Jack is also a Power, with the ability to project red electrical energy from his body, mostly from his hands. He has become the leader of his father’s criminal underground. Eli now works to get enough Intel to take Jack down, and end his family’s empire once and for all.