The Backer-voted Mini has been unlocked! Now, it is up to you, the Backer's Royale to Nominate who you would like to be in the running! Since I like to work in Threes, you can nominate three miniatures. Please note, these Miniatures MUST be public domain. Voting for a Zelda Miniature, while awesome, will get Artistic Justice Games sued, and thus can not be included. 

Please use the Email address attached to your Kickstarter account for voter verification. 

Please, only one submission per person (a submission consists of three suggestions) 

Please avoid nominating characters that already exist in miniature form... Although, I am fairly sure "Zombie Tink" might be acceptable. 

Let your imagination roam! We earned this one! 

The top 10 characters nominated will be moved on to final voting. 

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