Character Profile: Nicolas Welles - "X"

Name: Nicolas Lee Welles

Nickname: Nico, Dr. Welles

Alias: X

Birth Date: March 26th,1981

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190 lbs.

Body Type: Athletic

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian


Graduate of Sir Charles Willard High School 

Received a Doctorate of Medicine, United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), & American Board of Surgery (ABS) from University of Supara Valley.

Graduate of Somchai Arts Academy in Muay Thai


Trauma Surgeon at Valley Cross Hospital.


  • PH Warrior - Using the tools he knows from his profession; he can create and use various drug and chemical compounds to subdue and/or dismantle his enemies.

  • Thai Fighter - X is also trained in the science of 8 limbs (Muay Thai) and is a graduate of Somchai Arts Academy after 6 years.

  • Fistful - Some of his fighting technique is a combination of using tiny (nearly marble sized) glass balls filled with various toxins that can be thrown, smashed, or used during hand to hand combat.

  • Trusty Belt - He wields dual night sticks (tonfa), handcuffs, smoke bombs, and goggles among other various simple gadgets.


Nicolas L. Welles is a well respected, and brilliant trauma surgeon from Supara Valley, California. Welles grew up an excited humanitarian, working endlessly at free clinics as well as a teacher’s assistant going through college. Even though he acquired his family's incredible amount of wealth; he always felt like he needed to be successful on his own. This route would eventually lead him to meet the love of his life, Tesla Summers. He adored her because she continuously challenged him to be a better man than he already is; just because there isn't enough people like that in the world. This outlook would change after the events of Supara Valley; a string of catastrophic incidents involving 'Powers' that would divert his life forever. This creates the mysterious icon we now know as 'X'; a man hellbent on revenge and blaming Powers for ruining his life.


Welles is a heavyhearted, broken man slowly losing himself over time. When he dresses up as “X”, he transforms into a warrior forgetting; and not wanting to be who he was. Doing this affects what little social life he has left along with his profession.


I want to be able to take this character to dark places… have him flash back to horrifying memories that he tries to drown with a hefty bottle of scotch. He’ll need to rediscover his humanity and help others. Hopefully in time he'll realize that if Powers use their abilities for good; a change can happen.,, and he would finally go back to being the hero he once was.