Much thanks to the folk at Artistic Justice Games for letting me write these stories. I hope you all enjoy! As per the usual, and in case you got the direct link, as opposed to the link from our main page, this is not a story for kids. It is violent, there are fairytale characters that get killed, and who knows, I might even use some mildly foul language... Who knows. The point is, do not read this to your kids, unless you want them to have nightmares. I am not paying for their therapy sessions later in life. 

You have been warned.

“Where is she?”

His voice had gone hoarse from the strain of the interrogation, but the Nutcracker Prince continued. The satisfying sound of bone cracking, brought a small smile of satisfaction to his wooden face. This one would be the one. This one would finally be the one to point him in the right direction. This would be the one to help him find his love.

“I don't... know who... you're talking about.” The woman wheezed through the tears. She couldn't catch her breath. Pain wracked her body, as her ribs cracked. “Please... let me go.”

Fury filled the Prince's eyes, and he squeezed harder, snapping more ribs. “The Hunter said he saw her enter the city. I will find her, and if you do not tell me where she is, you'll join your friend in the corner!”

He swung her around, so she could see the broken body of her friend, tossed unceremoniously in a corner. She tried to scream, but all that came out was another wheeze, and a steady stream of blood. He squeezed even harder, and with one loud final snap, the body went limp in his arms.

“Useless!” He screamed, and tossed the body into the corner. He looked out the window, at the ash that drifted down from the sky. Massive fires consumed the city, and the prince was getting a little eager to get away before the flames moved closer. He had to find her though.

Movement outside the window caught his eye.

In a blink, he was out the door scanning up and down the street. Footprints in the ash led him around the house. He rounded the corner, and saw what looked like a young boy, trudging through the falling ash, seemingly oblivious to the world around him.

“Boy!” The Prince shouted, coughing slightly as ash fell in his mouth. “Have you seen a girl with blond hair? I was told she entered the city not too long ago.”

The boy trudged along, ignoring the Prince's inquiry. The prince looked down, and could see blood mixed with the ash on the boy's hand. With a howl of rage, he ran after the boy, grabbing his shoulder, and spinning him around.

“Did you hurt her?” The Prince shook the boy, in his rage not recognizing that the boy, was made out of wood, just like the Prince. “What did you do to her? If you hurt her, I swear I'll...”

The wooden boy looked up, his eyes full of rage, and slammed a nail into the back of the Prince's hand. The Prince pulled his hand away, only to notice it was attached to a chain, and the boy, held the other end.

“My name isn't Boy,” The wooden boy growled, as he gave the chain a mighty yank, pulling the Prince off of his feet, “My name, is Pinocchio.”

The Prince glared at Pinocchio as he tried to regain his footing. As he got to his knees, he reached for the nail in his hand to attempt to pull it out. It was immediately pulled away, and he fell flat on his face in a pale of ash.

Once more struggling to his feet, The Prince kept a watchful eye on Pinocchio. When Pinocchio moved to pull on the chain again, the Prince flicked his wrist, and grabbed it. He pulled on the chain, and sent the boy flying into the wall of a nearby house. As Pinocchio lay there dazed, the Prince removed the chain from his hand, and tossed the nail to the ground.

As Pinocchio lay there in the ash, the Prince pulled out his knife, and rushed forward, reaching Pinocchio as the wooden boy finally managed to regain his footing. A quick lunge, and the knife was buried in the boy's side. Stabbing as quick as he could, the Prince buried his blade over and over, chips of wood flying, as his blade sunk in.

Pinocchio laughed off the wounds, as he swiped his own knife at the Prince's leg, cutting through the cloth of his pants, and shaving a sliver out of his leg. The Prince let out a grunt of annoyance, and kicked the blade out of the boy's hand.

“You think that will stop me? You think you can deter me from my search? I will find her!” The Prince's howl of rage echoed off of nearby buildings. With a scream, he stabbed down, burying his blade in one of Pinocchio's eyes. “If you won't tell me where she is, you can rot here until the flames consume this miserable city.”

He turned away, and went trudging through the thick ash that coated the street, leaving footprints that were soon filled with more ash. The fires were spreading quicker than he anticipated. He would have to search faster if he was going to find her.

Turning a corner, he could see a towering inferno in the distance. More flames licked their way up various buildings along the way. This path was as good as blocked. With a cry of defeat, the Nutcracker Prince turned, and was greeted by the boy, a knife still sticking out of his eye. With a grin, and a grim chuckle, Pinocchio threw a net made of wires and string, and dived at the Prince as he struggled to make his way out of the net.

The knife blows came down, one after the other, digging into the Prince, burying themselves deeper and deeper. Chunks of wood, and scraps of cloth went flying, as the furious assault continued. In a last ditch defense, the Prince drove his remaining knife into Pinocchio's stomach, and sliced, gouging the wood of the boy's abdomen. Pinocchio stopped momentarily, and then brought his knives down with savage force, severing the Prince's arm.

The Prince screamed, and slashed hard, sending one of Pinocchio's legs flying. The two traded blows, severing limbs, and removing chunks of each others' bodies, neither willing to relent. Defeat was not an option that either one was willing to accept.

Flames licked closer, traveling along the ground, passing from building to building. A lone shadow watched from the conflagration. A hood pulled up tight around its face, a few brown hairs and a large, beaming smile were the only visible features.

“This little battle has gone on long enough, I think.” With a small giggle, and a snap of its fingers, the figure turned and started walking away.

Suddenly, Pinocchio was engulfed in flame, the flames easily spreading to the Nutcracker Prince. Neither one was in any condition to run. As they thrashed about, flames finally completing what the knives could not. A nearby explosion knocked the strange watcher's hood back, revealing her soot-covered face. The girl's smile widened as she walked away, whistling a little tune.


Who was the Prince looking for? Why was he so determined to find her? Why not chime in below with your theories! (and yes.... the person he is looking for IS part of the game's story)

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