Our work here at Slamfist Media never ends. Even when there is a lull in posts, we are still working on delivering some form of content. The last three months have seen a surge in our post count, as well as an increased effort to get the world of Supara fleshed out. We have increased our efforts to network, and have found some great people in the process. Despite adversity in our day to day lives, we have continued on, and are forging ahead. In all respects Slamfist is stronger than it has ever been! 

Some of you may have noticed that the last three months have seen the introduction of our "Supara Saturdays". A chance each week for us to offer up a story set in our Supara universe, to help give you a taste of what is to come in the future of that universe, by telling you stories from its past.  It also saw the addition of Vera Stone to the Supara universe, taking a previously unconnected writing exercise, and placing it into Supara as part of our efforts to flesh out the universe, and to give the readers a sort of entry point into the world.

These last three months have also seen me pairing up with Artistic Justice Games, to write a few stories in their Fairytale Games universe. While my stories are not considered cannon, they are fun little diversions offered up as a treat to the backers of their campaigns, as well as an attempt to give readers of this blog a small taste of that universe, to see if that might be a game that would interest them.  I have also taken on a somewhat large role in the creation of that game's Wiki. That is to say... I created it. So please, check out the game HERE and perhaps check out the Wiki HERE.

As time progresses I wish to redouble our networking efforts. More convention visits, hoping to meet up with people that might be of a similar mind to us. Also, I want to continue our search for an artist that might be able to help with conceptual art, as well as someone who might want to go into drawing the comics once we get the script hammered out. In general, it is all about expanding the Slamfist Brand. With your help, we can keep growing this little blog into something amazing.