UPDATE: Well, guess who has been asked to help write for this project? I'll give you a hint, he is writing an update right now! That's right! I've been asked to write a few bits to bring Southwest Ohio into the mix! Check out the announcement HERE


You'll notice that in the title to this post, I abbreviate the name of the project. That is simply because, if I make the title too long, it gets cut off and looks all kinds of wonky, so my apologies to Jason for this.   

I would normally like to place the pitch video up top here, so that the project's head can try and sell you by themselves, however... the video is long, clocking in at an impressive 9 minutes, and I honestly would like to have everyone read before they watch the video. Besides, this blog feature is still a work in progress, and I have yet to come up with a perfect format. 

So what brings this little project to my attention?  

Jason happens to be a backer of a little project you may have heard me mention in passing a few times... something about Fairytales and games. If you haven't heard me mention them, just take my word on it... it's kind of a big deal. One day, Jason heard I happened to have the misfortune of living in Ohio, and that sparked up a small conversation about his Ohio-based project. 

What exactly is "Big Trouble in Little Canton

Well, according to the Kickstarter project page, it is: 

is a serialized fiction project, delivered to you ten times a year for at least two years in electronic format, and readable on your computer, Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other device.

The project will be a sort of mixed media concept, combing art and word in a sort of graphical story-telling venture. Considering the serialized nature, I think that people would immediately lean toward the notion that this is like a comic book. After reading the campaign page, I think this would be more akin to a sort of magazine serial, published across the course of a year, that just happens to have pictures to help illustrate the various events.

Reward tiers for this campaign are based heavily on artwork, but also offer some strange concepts, I have frankly never seen before.  If you'll indulge me, I will attempt to break some of these down for you.  

For a basic buy in of $5, you get to download the story in regular installments. This is the most basic pledge level, and a fairly inexpensive investment. A great bet for anyone who wants to support the project, but can not afford the higher tiers. 


Scattered throughout the reward tiers, there are various "Postcard" rewards. These will net you physical postcards from various locations in Northeast Ohio. An interesting concept, and with the postcards being sent from various characters in the narrative, it offers a unique immersion experience. 

Furthermore, there are various "art" rewards. These are in essence commission pieces, that will be used to help illustrate aspects of the story. Another interesting way to help the reader feel like they are involved in the final product.

So, what's the Bottom line here, Frank? 

What we have here is an attempt to create a sort of mythology around Ohio. A way to make Ohio seem a little less dull. It is an interesting concept, that I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I'd encourage you to pitch in a couple bucks, and see where the journey takes us.

Head HERE to back it. 

And now... The Video! 

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