PILOTS! 2013: 9/29 - 10/05

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 Disclaimer: For those who do not know what a pilot is; it's basically the first episode of a new television program. A true pilot is where the producers and "creators" of the program receive funding to film an entire episode in an attempt to pitch their show to their network/investors. Other pilots are just the first episode of the series because either A.) It was already greenlit for series before the first episode was even shot or B.) The pilot episode wasn't good enough (via the Network's point of view), so the creators made a second episode either to pitch it again or go ahead and put it live.

No matter what, my intention is to view the first episode of each new show that I'm slightly interested in. Then I'll let you know how I feel within non-spoilery-blurbs followed by a verdict that explain if I'll be tuning in from here on out, maybe the next one or two episodes, or not at all. Venture forth!


We Are Men

Premiered Monday, September 30th, 2013

Network:  CBS

Time slot:  Monday @ 8:30 PM

Type / Genre: Half Hour Single-Camera / Sitcom

Creator(s): Rob Greenberg 

Writer(s): Rob Greenberg

Director(s): Rob Greenberg

Stars: Tony ShalhoubKal Penn, Jerry O'Connell


As talented as I like to think Rob Greenberg can be from his days of writing "Frasier"; not even his writing can save this show from lasting a handful of episodes. Granted, I'm judging that from a pilot episode which is CLEARLY different than the premise of the entire show but the bromance between these divorcees couldn't be any more of a bore. WE ARE MEN is about a young man, played by Chris Smith who just got left at the altar. So now with his life on the outs, he moves into a short-term apartment complex that houses 3 other single men. They hang out constantly and look for ways to get Smith's character back on the horse via asking women out or doing very dumb activities he couldn't do while he was with his fiancé. Yeah, that's... that's about it.

Verdict: I hate bromances - So that's a no on this show. It's not that Kal Penn or even Tony Shalhoub are bad... they are the best things about the show but I just hate to see them here. Oh well. I'm passing. 

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over on CBS.

Super Fun Night

Premiered Wednesday, October 2nd 30th, 2013

Network:  ABC

Time slot:  Wednesday @ 9:30 PM

Type / Genre: Half Hour Single-Camera / Sitcom

Creator(s): Rebel Wilson 

Writer(s): John Riggi

Director(s): Alex Hardcastle

Stars:  Rebel WilsonLauren AshKevin Bishop

The title of this show is everything this premier isn't... besides it mostly taking place at night. Every movie I've seen Rebel Wilson in, she always stole the scene with her comedic genius...ness, regardless if the film was terrible. Just sitting through SUPER FUN NIGHT alone was just an awful idea. No one could share the pain I was enduring while I muster up enough courage to watch her network laced, wooden, American accent that seemed to drain all the fun that the title promises. Not only that but the supporting cast seemed to force jokes at the audience that were neither smart or slapstick. I just wish she could have played herself. Well... maybe the foul mouth Brit we all enjoy isn't exactly who she is but, I really hope this portrayal isn't either.

Verdict: Another no. Not ever again.

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over at ABC or on HuluPlus.


Premiered Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Network:  NBC

Time slot:  Wednesday @ 10:00 PM

Type / Genre: Single-Camera / Cop Drama

Creator(s): Collier Young

Writer(s): Michael CaleoCollier Young

Director(s): Peter Horton

Stars: Blair UnderwoodPablo SchreiberSpencer Grammer

Robert Ironside is a wheelchair bound Detective that plays a little too tough with others. IRONSIDE is remake of another hard-nosed detective show of the same name that ran for a successful 8 years (1967-1975). Wednesday night TV ratings show that Ironside is NBC's lowest-rated drama debut... ever. Now, I didn't know any of this prior to viewing the show because I just saw it earlier and available on HuluPlus. One of the many NBC related perks. Funny thing is, it feels like an old school 70's exploitation cop film but it's neither interesting or enjoyable to watch. The wheelchair seems more like a low-concept gimmick than anything worth while. I LOVE exploitation film, I adore dirty cop dramas; both new and old. But in a post-Wire and Shield world where every cop drama besides those created by David Simon or Shawn Ryan is just ruined for me.

Verdict: No. Not only did I not care for it, neither would you.

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over at  NBC or on HuluPlus.

The Millers

Premiered Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Network:  CBS

Time slot:  Thursday @ 8:30 PM

Type / Genre: Multi-Camera / Sitcom

Creator(s): Greg Garcia

Writer(s): Greg Garcia

Director(s): James Burrows

Stars: Will ArnettBeau BridgesMargo Martindale

Greg Garcia is somewhat of a hit and miss powerhouse when it comes to creating original content for television. Some of the hits were "My Name is Earl", "Yea, Dear", and "Raising Hope". Though I personally prefer his single camera work over the studio set "multi-camera" setup. Just translates better. What's off about THE MILLERS is that it's both a hit and a miss is a couple ways. When Nathan Miller (Will Arnett) informs his parents of his recent divorce, his father Tom Miller (Beau Bridges) follows suit and leaves his wife Carol (Margo Martindale), of forty-three years. Much to the dismay of Nathan, Carol decides to move in with him, while Tom seeks shelter at the house of his daughter Debbie (Jayma Mays), her husband Adam (Nelson Franklin), and their daughter Mikayla (Eve Moon). So it's basically this year's "Dads" and "Mom" by way of "Back in the Game" with a touch of the ever popular "Modern Family". Ugh. I honestly can't stand Will Arnett in anything ever but in THIS SHOW, I think he's amazing. Also, I'm proud of Margo Martindale finally getting a piece of her own show. The thing is... I don't want to see this premise ever again. I'm tired of the parents moving back in. It's awful. Quit trying to rally up BOTH the younger AND older audiences. It's getting out of hand. Bah!

Verdict: I don't care! - I'm sorry Mr. Garcia but I just can't. Please bring back something a little more high concept like My Name is Earl. God damn it, I miss that show. 

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over at CBS.

Welcome to the Family

Premiered Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Network:  NBC

Time slot:  Thursday @ 8:30 PM

Type / Genre: Multi-Camera / Sitcom

Creator(s): Mike Sikowitz

Writer(s): Mike Sikowitz 

Director(s): Michael Engler

Stars: Mike O'MalleyRicardo ChaviraMary McCormack

Another damn family show. Is it any good? Well let's first discuss what THIS one is about. The series follows the clash of cultures involving two American families when Junior (Joey Haro), the son of a Latino family, and Molly (Ella Rae Peck), the daughter of a Caucasian family, start dating. The two have just graduated from high school, and Junior is Stanford-bound. Then, they discover that Molly is pregnant. The pair decide to get married, forcing a bonding and blending of their two very different families. We've seen these movies and all of them are awful. Well... maybe that was because those were family friendly cash grabs. This show is actually enjoyable. It's good to see both see Mike O'Malley and Mary McCormack still getting work and Ricardo Chavira and Justina Machado are brilliant together. The show tended to lean on more of the white side but maybe that was because they were playing it safe for the pilot which is sad but who knows. I just hope future episodes play for both sides.

Verdict: I might marathon it - I'd rather watch this season by season. It'll be easier to consume and with so many other family related shows out there, I don't want this one to get lost. 

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over at  NBC or on HuluPlus


The Originals

Premiered Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Network:  CW

Time slot:  Thursday @ 9:00 PM

Type / Genre: Single Camera / Fantasy, Drama

Creator(s): Julie Plec

Writer(s): Michael NarducciJulie Plec

Director(s): Chris Grismer

Stars: Joseph MorganDaniel GilliesPhoebe Tonkin

First off, let me confess that I'm a fan of "The Vampire Diaries". That with the combination of "Supernatural" fill the void that"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" once filled. It's a difficult itch to scratch but I need it. Now would I consider the "Diaries" a good show? For the most part yes. Other than what I like to call the "CW-isms". Basically means overly pretty people getting away with often times, murder and hammy unrealistic dialogue. Though I still find it appealing. THE ORIGINALS doesn't fail to provide the same feeling. It also reminds me of "Buffy's" own spinoff, "Angel". Where the original show took place in a fictional city and the spinoff tries to redeem a few characters by moving them to a real city. This time it's New Orleans and they do an excellent job showing off it's stereotypical characteristics. I must say that it's much darker than it's original series and further explain their strange, never-ending, mythologies.

Verdict: Of course I will - I dig any genre show that shares a direct relationship with another show. 

Watch the trailer below and/or judge it for yourself for free over at  CW or on HuluPlus.

NOTE: Due to life and time, I was unavailable to watch and review "Sean Saves the World".