This is just my ranting on about the process of working on our Universe. Differs from the "Updates"  because well... this is more personal. I'll try to make it regular thing. No promises. :-) Enjoy.

Today I'm going to talk about wish-fulfillment and world building. World building is an important topic we've discussed in length toward the beginning of this venture as well as more recently. We've also spoke on the pros & cons it is working with a team of minds rather than on your own. We all eventually come to an agreement and when the time permits, we devote it to the universe we call Supara.

In the past few months, you might have seen a flux of weekly posts about this universe. Each one focusing on a story or origin of a member of what we'll later refer to as "The Foundation". That team name couldn't be any more literal than what we originally intended.

If you didn't already know, Supara was meant to be a comic portraying a deconstructed look at what it means to be a Superhero and what it would really mean to have superhuman abilities in real life. To explore this outlook, we didn't want to adhere to anything in the present day so we changed history. Not just American History, but "History". We know it can change. We know it can be rewritten. But most importantly, we know what it's leading to.

The Foundation is the building blocks to our Universe. From Q'wenu to Earth, to Avalon and back. We've discussed things, that to me... brilliantly tie the past to the future in ways I never thought possible. Crossing and melding genres with points of view that really only make sense once you see the bigger picture. Once the first round or so of Foundation Files (as well as Khai of Q'wenu) have been posted, the Slamfist team will get together again and tackle the next phase. It could range from more of the Foundation to a few stories of our original and more modern characters.

I believe what's holding us back is our original story and the delivery method of that said story. Since we do not have an artist (or the funds to pay for one), our original tale is at a never-ending standstill. Does this discourage us? Not anymore, I don't think. We accept the reality of our situation and found a work around. We're still telling stories of characters we care about but it does make us (or just me for the matter) kind of... excitable. I WANT to tell the stories of Starstruck, Pendra, Kinetico but I'd rather not ruin the potential reveal of their powers/stories too early because I psyched myself into a short instead of a comic. That part gets to me every now and then.

Either way, on a positive note, we believe we found another artist to finish our two outstanding characters at the beginning of 2014. That should give us two months to build up some funds and gets those characters posted. I'm also slowly working on how to revamp the character/Supara page to be a bit more inviting and fun to navigate. Meh, I'll figure it out eventually.

Well, this was an oddly toned premier of our Dev Blog but I'm ecstatic for what's to come with the Foundation. In regards to wish-fulfillment.. it might take a few more years but I believe we'll find away to tell the stories we want and hopefully capitalize on our creativity. However mishandled or flawed it may appear right now, we'll make it happen.

Keep checking back in every Supara Saturday and thanks for all the support!