It is no secret that we love games of all different kinds here at Slamfist Media. We have a fair share of board games, card games, and video games between us. Also, I have made it no secret that when it comes to Kickstarter, the games section is the first, and sometimes only, section I will visit when looking for new projects to back. 

This is not a project that was found through random searching. This project was presented to me, and I feel like it offers a simple, quick gameplay mechanic that will be easy to pick up on, and offer something that can be played in maybe 20 minutes. 

The basic idea of the game, is well... "Corporations". More accurately, your attempt to control the corporations. You do this by either strong-arming your competition, throwing money their way, or buying stock to gain a controlling interest. But, let me turn this over to Eric, and let him explain his game. The below quote is taken directly from their Kickstarter page:

Corporation cards are dealt out to all players, based on how many people are playing. The rest of the corporations go back into the box. The person with the corporation with the earliest corporation founded date is the first player.
Players are dealt 5 cards. These cards represent your interests in other corporations.
On a players turn they have two choices. They can discard up to 3 cards and draw back up to five, or they can choose to attack another player for control of one of their corporation.
If you choose to discard, your turn is over. You can not have more than 5 cards in your hand at a time, unless a card says otherwise.
If you choose to attack. Pick an opponent and then tell the opponent which corporation you are going to try to take over. The corporation is then moved from the rest of the corporations and placed in the center of the table. The attacker then chooses which method to try to take over the corporation. They can choose Power, Money or Stocks. Both the attacker and defender show the selected items from their hand. If the attacker has more of the selected card, then he takes possession of the corporation. If the defender has two more then the attacker, then the defender can take a corporation of their choice from the attacker.
After a failed or successful attack, both the attacker and the defender discard the selected cards and draw back up to 5 cards. Play continues clockwise.

And, it may sound mildly compllicated, but is honestly fairly easy to play. Play moves fast, and the game could easily fit into a long gaming night, as a sort of palate-cleanser to play after a particularly weighty game. Or, you could fit it in while waiting for pizza to be delivered. The quickness of the game is actually one of the strongest selling points. This is not a game like "Monopoly" that you will potentially be playing for days on end, as you and your opponent try to slowly dick each other over. This is a game that relishes speed. 

On top of that, the buy in price is honestly pretty cheap. If you manage to get in as an early bird, it is only going to set you back 9 dollars. After that, it is only 15.  Not a bad price for a quick game.

So check out the video below, and then head on over to the Kickstarter page, and join in!