It seems like a while since I put one of these out. One might wonder, why am I back at it? Simply put, because it is fun. It gives me an excuse to scour through new releases and hand pick the ones that are either interesting, fun, or so god-awful I just have to write something about them. Now I present you this weeks best bets, as well as possibly a stinker or two.


One might remember that Josh reviewed this film a while back. If not, here's the LINK. Josh raved about how great the movie is, and with the 84% it is sitting at on the Tomatometer, it would seem that the critics tend to agree. But how could this movie go wrong? You take a director who is known for witty dialog, and a writer who is famous the world over, and smash them together with a cast of Whedon regulars. This movie is destined to be good. Now you can own your very own copy, and see what the buzz is all about. Click on the image on the left and pick up the DVD, or the image on the right for Blu-Ray.  



Remember how I mentioned stinkers up above? Welcome to the stinkiest pile of refuse I can even begin to post about. What happens when a decent buddy comedy spawns two sequels?  Steadily dropping ratings on the Tomatometer! With scores of 79%, 34%, and 19% (Hangovers 1,2, and 3 respectively), it is clear that the Wolfpack has fallen out of the critics' good graces. When you add in the audience's ratings, you can see there is only a handful that give a damn anymore, and those that do are probably involved in some way with this mess. Honestly, don't waste your time on this unless you are absolutely dead-set on seeing how this trilogy ends. If you are enough of a masochist to actually want to watch this movie, click below to purchase your own copy.


I needed something on this list to make Hangover 3 look almost appealing. So, when in doubt, turn to M. Night Shyamalan. This movie has reached the lofty height of 11% on the Tomatometer. This makes it his second lowest rated film, coming in below even the awful "The Happening". So honestly, this one is just on the list for shits and giggles. You can buy it, but I can not guarantee that the crappy-ness will not lead you to lose all faith in humanity, and turn you into a hermit. If your faith in cinema is a little too high, and you need to destroy it, here you go! So, check out the images below to get this wonderful bit of eye bleach.


Well, this is one is a bit of an anomaly. I've enjoyed the Chucky films as a sort of guilty pleasure. They're cheesy as all hell, but I find the series to be mildly amusing.  So, when I heard they were making another sequel, part of me was worried, while another part of my was cautiously optimistic. Looking at the Tomatometer's current 70% the cautious optimism seems to be the way to go. While I can not guarantee that this is going to be the best movie, I can guarantee that this is one of only two films on this list that I am even remotely interested in seeing. So check it out, because Chucky is back!


There are few games that I can sit around and play mindlessly for hours on end, and just have a blast with it. The original Disgaea was one of those games. It was a game that had a wonderful sense of humor, fun characters, and addictive gameplay that honestly made me want to see it go on forever. The sequels all offered that same sort of charm, and the entire series is one of the prized parts of my video game collection. Suffice to say, when I heard a new one was coming, I was overjoyed, and to hear that it was a direct sequel to the original, even better. So join me in taking control of a squad of prinnies and let's save the Underworld, Dood! Click the link below to buy a copy.  

6) POKEMON or some shit like that. 

I'm going to be completely honest here, I know nothing at all about the Pokemon. I am including this one, because people eat this stuff up like some sort of digital amphetamines. This is a game, that has spawned a worldwide cult, there ware card games, stuffed toys, plastic toys, cartoons, movies, and Herman Cain quoted the theme to one of those movies as part of his 2012 bid for the Republican presidential candidacy. So yeah, they are apparently a big damn deal! So, in honor of two new games coming out, I thought I would give them a mention. Click below, and grab your copies of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (Pokemon Z was apparently unavailable)