KICKSTARTER SPOTLIGHT: "The Augmented Detective"

This project was brought to my attention by one of the creators, a Mr. Greg Snyder. I figure it might be a good idea to give you the same pitch that he gave me, that got me interested. So, take it away Mr. Snyder, what is "The Augmented Detective"?

It is a noir-themed alternate reality game that will be installed in downtown Los Angeles. Players will explore historical locations in the heart of Los Angeles and use their phone to find clues that we've hidden and meet characters in the story. They will make choices and solve puzzles to move the narrative forward as they search for a missing detective and recover a stolen artifact.

This, is what drew me to the project. The concept of augmented reality gaming, is something that I have minimal exposure to. It is, however an idea that interests me a great deal. So, lets delve deeper into the project itself, and take a look at the pitch video from the Kickstarter project.

So what interests me so much about a game, I will likely never get a chance to play? Well, It is the idea behind the game that really intrigues me. I'm a guy that likes to travel, and I am always looking for new sites, and new ways to see the cities I visit. This game offers an interesting way to encourage seeing the sites, while offering up an interactive entertainment experience. A concept like this could definitely make the concept of site-seeing a more enjoyable and rewarding process, elevating site-seeing beyond the standard roam around and snap endless pictures experience that it often devolves into.

In the end, if you are a fan of augmented reality, and live in the Los Angeles area, this is definitely a project to check out. If you are not anywhere near LA, this should still be a project to keep on your radar. Check it out HERE

I'd like to finish this up with a press release from the company itself: 

Wise Guys Events, a game design company in Los Angeles, is creating an immersive, mystery adventure for the public to play in downtown called The Augmented Detective. Players will explore real locations on foot, using their phones to find hidden clues and encounter fictional characters. The game will be free to play for anyone who finds themselves downtown.
The Augmented Detective is an example of a new genre of games called Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) which blur the lines of fiction and reality by layering imagined content onto real places. In the intersection of the real and the virtual the participants make choices to drive the narrative forward and solve the mystery. The game is designed to be played over the course of about two hours in the historic core of Los Angeles.
Myles Nye and Greg Snyder, the designers of the experience, met each other as students at UCLA. The game is the product of a love for LA's hidden gems and a desire to portray the city in a positive way. They have taken inspiration from the rich history of Los Angeles, both in the world of noir fiction and in the reality of its beaux arts and art deco architecture.
The Augmented Detective is currently raising funds for completion on Kickstarter. It has raised over 20% of its goal in under 48 hours. The project can be found at  
Wise Guys Events is an LA-based game design company that specializes in live-action games. In addition to providing team building events for Fortune 500 companies such as Google and KPMG, and orientation programs for universities such as USC and UCLA, they create games for social and networking events. Their games have been selected to appear at IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games, Come Out and Play New York and SF, and other game festivals.