Writing this one a little late, so it will be a little shorter than I would like. Sorry for that. 

I think it important to note, that I do not automatically write for every campaign that approaches me. I get a lot of requests to spotlight various Kickstarter projects, and I do not always go through with it. Sometimes, a project will strike me as lackluster, or outright bad. Other times, the project in question will be missing something that makes me question the validity of the project, and whether or not it is worth your time. I will always tell those making the inquiry why I won't spotlight them, to give them an opportunity to change the issue. I made a small demand of "Lucky", before I would spotlight it, and with a few days left to get funding, it is time to shine.

So... What exactly is "Lucky". Why not let the folk running the Kickstarter project tell you? Lucky is a film about:

An unnamed man enters a brothel and hires a girl to hide him in her room for an undisclosed reason. Though wary of him at first, she allows him to stay as he pays for her time. But when he is found by the men who have been pursuing him, she makes a quick decision to go with him, even putting her life in danger to help him escape.

The film is set to be 30-40 minutes long, and from the sounds of it will include a decent bit of fights and stunt work. A small primary cast will insure that this film will be made or broken on the strength of the cast. This tells me, that the crew has a LOT of faith in their cast.

Looking at this film, the best buy-in is the 20 dollar level. That will get you the download of the finished project. If physical copies are more your thing, you're looking at a 30 dollar buy in. Either one will net you a copy of the film.

So, if you're looking to back what sounds like it could be an interesting film project, why not give Lucky a look? Click HERE to learn more, or watch the video down below.