Today, I look at a relaunch of a project that was brought to my attention by some eager backers of the original campaign. Privateer is a game of piracy on the high seas. A game of looting, and pillaging... and seriously, what more do you need to know than that? It's a game about pirates.

Now, I could attempt in my own little way, to try and explain the campaign, but the campaign runners have already done such a fine job of that. So... What exactly IS Privateer? 

This game was meticulously designed to be fun for both new initiates and seasoned players. We love playing board games. We also have a very large group of friends with diverse interests. Our challenge was to create a game that could be enjoyed by anyone who we wished to play the game with. The result is a game that has been enjoyed by children, teenagers, adults, and grandparents. The game takes a relatively short amount of time to explain (even to non-board game players), yet allows for deep strategy and rewards adaptive foresight.

The object of the game of Privateer is to be the first captain to amass a total of 20 "Infamy" points. Infamy is a measure of how fearsome, clever, and skilled your captain has become throughout the entirety of the game. Infamy can be gained through upgrades to your captain's ship or through the accumulation of powerful and rare Relic cards.

So, what drew me to Relic, and why should you join in the fun?

Well, for starters it's a game about pirates, and who doesn't love a good story about pirates. Piracy was the driving force behind a billion dollar film franchise for Disney, pirates have been a source of interest for years, and I am not immune to the allure of a good pirate story. 

Secondly the game sounds like it offers something different from anything else I have seen. Granted, I have not played every board game ever, but from the ones I have played, this sounds and looks completely different from anything else I have heard of or played. The game claims to come with 20 unique captains, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. If you add in the expansion, you're looking at 24. Toss in the Kickstarter exclusive (I believe) Francis Drake card, and you've got a nice 25. Not to mention even more listed as stretch goals. Suffice to say, this leads to a lot of potential variations in the game. And variations, lead to replay value. Replay value.... leads to happy consumers!

Now... lets talk value, shall we?

The game itself has an MSRP of $60 retail, and the expansion has a $30 MSRP. For the Blackbeard tier (which is my minimum suggested tier, by the way) you get both for $75. Granted, this is a savings of only $15. The even better value comes, as the stretch goals are reached. Female variant captains, New Captains, extra expansion material... By the time the campaign reaches the highest listed stretch goal, you are looking at at least $75 of added content, all added on for free to that $75 initial pledge. So, when that final stretch goal is knocked out of the water, you will be getting by my estimate, over twice the bang for your back. Economically, this is insane. 

So... If you are even remotely interested in pirates, and want a fun board game that the entire family can play... I think it is time to dig up your buried treasure, and go check out Privateer! Click HERE to head on over to the campaign!