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The Mighty Titan is the nearly indestructible champion of Chicago. A man with mysterious powers, that fights against an enemy known only as Trenchmouth, a man who appears to be an insane Nazi scientist. Things were going great for Titan,,, until the headaches started.


The Mighty Titan, as was mentioned in the interview, is a very personal story wrapped up in a classical superhero tale. On the surface, it's a fun romp through a world where good triumphs, and evil is a horrible ugly thing that just begs to be beaten. On a deeper level it is a story about the creator's struggles with a horrible life-shattering diagnosis. This is a story that Joe wants to tell, and it is evident in the writing. Joe has managed to take a horrible thing like Cancer, and turn it into a superhero narrative in a masterful way. 

Some may not see beyond the surface level, and only look at this comic at face value. Those that do so are doing themselves and this comic a disservice, however it is very easy to appreciate just the base level. It is a well drawn comic, that features enough familiar superhero tropes, that even the most casual of comic book readers will be able to appreciate the archetypal characters. The character of Titan is a very easily recognized type of hero, with a fairly straight-forward power set. 

And as I said in the previous review, this comic sets itself apart by making the hero a completely different figure than his civilian alter-ego. This is not a case of putting on a mask and talking like he is gargling gravel. This is a hero that physically changes into his heroic form, much like the Hulk changes from Bruce Banner into the Hulk.

This issue helps further the primary plot along, and finally reveals to the Titan that he has cancer. This is the issue where the character has to really begin to cope with an illness that will kill him if left untreated. It shows the struggle of a man who felt invincible, having to suddenly come to grips with his own mortality. THIS is where the story truly shines, because it is something that we can all relate to. We've all felt invincible, like nothing could hurt us, and I would hope by now we have all realized that is not the case. This is a very human story, with a superhuman paint job. A commendable effort, and something that I am eager to see through to the end.

Final Thoughts: This is a comic for people that want something more human in there stories. The comic, could best be described as Superman, by way of Marvel. It offers up a grand hero, and gives humanizes that larger than life character. If this were at my local comic shop, it would definitely be added to my pull list.

22 Pages Grade: An improvement over the first issue, this is a solid A-

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Because I can... here is a picture of Titan punching a giant purple gorilla!