And so it Begins...

Take note that everything I've stated so far within this post isn't set in stone. We aren't (as you can very well tell by now) professionals but we all share a common goal. We love a good story. Whether it'd be a film, radio play, comic book, web-series, or a self-indulgent diary... we believe we have something captivating to tell. So that's why we've established “Slamfist Media”.

Below is a list of some of our in-progress projects:


Supara is a world setting mini comic series that explains the origins of a group of vastly different people. After “Supara: Book 1” is complete; we hope to spin each character off into their own mini-series launching a greater story.

The Ember Ridge Chronicles

An anthology of three different horror/suspense short films taking place in Ember Ridge, Indiana. “32 Franklin”, “(Untitled Slasher)”, & “The House Beyond the Brush”.

Now I know what you might be thinking... you jump from project to project without completing one of them first? Well I do have a simple answer. Funds... I'll start writing and if it's stalled by something; I'll keep it in mind and continue onward to the next idea. But we do have every intention to getting these stories told and to you.

Once we get to a major step in one of our projects, I may call upon you for some help. Slamfist Media wasn't created for the sake of making money... it's a communal brand; a digital resume while offering some free, enjoyable content to the people of the world. That's what we strive for... if I've said anything that's set in stone... it'll be that the stories told by us and you.

Stay tuned for any updates, movie reviews, and our projects.