The Supara Files: Who is Robert Auerbach

Full name: Dr. Robert Vincent Auerbach

Nickname: (None, really...)

Birth Date: January 27th, 1918


Weight: 125lbs

Body Type: Thin (practically skeletal)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Education: Raised in Chicago, He went through his entire grade school and high school career at the Latin School of Chicago. After Graduating he went on to go to Stanford, where he managed to get a doctorate in Philosophy.

Occupation: Within 2 years of graduating, he was made head of the Philosophy department at Supara University.

Background: He was born with a mangled foot, a defect that forced him to use a cane just to walk, and lead to some tough times growing up. Growing up in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, Robert had a fairly easy home life. Coming from old money, his family was barely touched by the Great Depression, and he managed to go through school with out really feeling it. Because of his mangled foot, he spent a lot of time hitting the books, and very little time socializing with his peers, and thus managed to graduate top of his class every year. The only time his lame foot ever really worked in his benefit was when it saved him from the draft in the War.

During his stint at Stanford, he ran into an undergrad also studying philosophy, and for the first time in his life, Robert found someone he could relate to on a personal level. Her name was Maria Quinn, and the two were soon engaged and married.

When powers made themselves known, he found himself at first intrigued by them. He found it fascinating that a freak mutation in the way they were born lead them to have amazing abilities, and also left him to walk with a cane.

The fascination soon changed after …. (You'll have to read his journals to figure out)