SlamFiction: Ron Stone-Supplement

Name: Veronica Stone

Nickname: Ron

Birth date: June 1st

Height: 5 Feet 

Weight: 110

Body Type: Petite

Hair color: Dark Brown (Slightly longer than shoulder length)

Eye color: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Education: High School graduate. Took several college courses, focused on photography. She dropped out after getting about 30 credit hours.

Attire: Ron doesn't have much money, so she tends to dress in the cheapest clothes she can find. A number of old t-shirts fill her wardrobe. She tends to wear clothes until they fall apart, before reluctantly replacing them.

Story: Veronica grew up in a small city in Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. Shortly after starting Kindergarten she realized how much she hated the name Veronica, and started to go by Ron, even though her teachers and parents tried to tell her that was a male name.

Growing up, she was introverted, and was more likely to spend time hiding in her room, reading a book, then to spend time out playing with her peers. Her parents feared this would stunt her social development, but despite their best efforts, they couldn't seem to break her out of her shell. It wasn't until her grandparents bought her an old 110 camera, that she finally found something that interested her. After that, her parents couldn't buy her enough film. As the years went on, she went through multiple camera's before getting her first SLR as a Freshman in high school.

Shortly before starting her Junior year in college, she dropped out to move to New York and pursue her dream of being a photographer.

Premise: This character is at the core a writing exercise. I asked my Twitter followers for inspiration and ran with it. I've strayed horribly from the original premise... to the point that the only semblance to the original suggestion is the character name. And in regards to the character name, one might wonder why I made the character female, when I was given the name “Ron Stone” … I figured it would be different than what was expected. And as I started writing, I got to the 5th section, and thought to myself... “This character would work better as a woman.” So a few quick rewrites later, Ron Stone become Veronica Stone. And my justification for still using the name “Ron” is up above.

Future Plans: I honestly like this character. So, I'm going to keep writing her until this story is completed, or until it necessitates such major rewrites that it would be impossible to continue in the current form. If at all possible, I will probably write her character into a future project, and might even try to bring her into our Supara universe, with a few minor changes, and naturally changing “New York” to “Supara”... Might even go ahead and get a concept sketch done...