Since this is my first foray into actually promoting Kickstarter campaigns on the blog, I should give you a little bit of a history. I joined Kickstarter back in March of 2011, and since then I have participated in 31 campaigns, a little over one a month. My pledge levels have ranged from a mere dollar all the way up to a rather grand 400 dollars. Suffice to say, I find the whole Kickstarter idea to be fascinating, and it is one of the first sites I check each day to see if there is anything new to pledge for. With that in mind, let's take a look at three projects I am currently pledging towards.

1) FlashCity Stories, a Cyberpunk Flash Fiction e-Book

This is a wonderful little campaign, and an EXCELLENT start to your own personal Kickstarter addiction! Why you ask? Well, there is only one pledge level currently, and it is only a dollar! For a mere dollar you get 30 pieces of Cyber-punk Flash Fiction. Check it out. Once the campaign ends, they expect an August release date.

2) 'The Awakened,' an Epic Fantasy Anthology

Another piece of fiction! (If you can't tell, I love me some fiction). In my quest to support independent authors, and to find new and interesting reading material, I stumbd across this little gem. 16 authors, 16 stories, one Epic Fantasy Anthology. This one will set you back a little bit more, the lowest tier is 5 dollars for the PDF, but there are more options, including physical copies. If cyberpunk isn't your thing, and you want a little more fantasy in your life, check this one out. Estimated delivery of PDF July 2013, all physical rewards have an estimated October release.

3) Epic Death! The Card Game

Last and not least on my list, is a card game called "Epic Death". Looking like a spiritual relative of games like Munchkin (I hope they don't mind the comparison, it is meant as a compliment) the game is all about completing quests, and hoping to eventually get an "Epic Death". What more can you hope for in a game? For a physical copy of the game, you're looking to set yourself back 35 bucks, but hey, it looks like it will be a blast, and features some great art! So check it out, and if you're able and inclined to do so, back it! The game is estimated to be shipping in December!