I will admit, I had scanned over Joe's project before he contacted me, and it was on my "Check back later list". This is a list of projects that I need to wait until they are closer to completion before I can commit to them financially. So when Joe reached out to me, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to revisit it, and see what there was to see. 

"The Mighty Titan" is a sort of comic that is unusual in a couple of ways. For one, it draws a very clear line between Titan, and his alter ego (ala Thor and Donald Blake) . And while Titan is invulnerable to just about everything, his alter ego has cancer (Perhaps akin in some ways to All-Star Superman?). It is actually, a sort of autobiographical work, detailing (in its own way) creator Joe Martino's own bout with cancer.

Check out the project HERE, and read the Interview below!

ME: The Mighty Titan seems like a very personal project, how much of your own personal experiences are you bringing to the table for this?

JOE: Much of what you will see in The Mighty Titan was taken from personal experiences. I have even scripted actual conversations into this that I had with doctors and I think that it will add to the relevance of the subject matter.

ME: Sadly I missed the first issue, What can you tell us about the story, so we don't feel left out?

JOE: Well, you don't have to be left out! You can pledge on my existing Kickstarter which has a reward for issue 1 and issue 2. But, regardless of that, the first issue of Titan is where we set up everything that will come with the diagnosis that Titan's alter-ego recieves. It is still a cool superhero romp with a vile villain, Trenchmouth and a huge mecha that Titan faces off against. The last page, I've been told, is a great cliffhanger and will have you wanting more.

ME: On the Kickstarter, you mention that Titan is invulnerable, and his Alter Ego has cancer. This dual nature seems to be a huge departure from the norm. Are we to understand that the Alter Ego, has no power?

 JOEYes. Titan's alter ego is as human as you or I. He transforms into Titan.

ME: So, this is a 5 issue limited series, is there any plan to take Titan's adventures beyond that?

JOE: I have an opening for an issue "6", but that will mostly depend on fan's reactions and demand for more.

ME: After Titan wraps, are there other projects looming on the horizon?

JOE: Yes. More Shadowflame! More Ripperman and hopefully more Titan! I am also working on a one-shot of my character Cyberine(Cybernetic Marine) who appeared in my Shadowflame mini-series and a "Crimson and Caress" one shot that needs to be completed. There is always soemthing going on here.

ME: Considering the recent success of Superhero films, what would your thoughts be on a Mighty Titan film?

JOE: I think any of my books would make great movies. But I am a bit biased.

ME: If you hadn't been able to find an artist, what medium would you have been your next choice for bringing Titan's story to the world?

JOE: Well, I am an artist. I am currently drawing the Titan/Shadowflame crossover that backers will get for free if we hit $6500.00 on the current Kickstarter campaign. But, if I couldn't draw it myself or find another Luca I would think movies or even an animated movie would be a great way to tell this story.

ME: Looking at mainstream comics, what would you say is your greatest inspiration? (Other than Superman... I saw all that Superman stuff in your video!)

JOE: That is a tough one because Superman is such a big influence. But I was a huge X-Men fan back in the 80's. Captain Marvel is certainly one of my major influences with Titan. More than any other mainstream hero. Titan is also the only character I ever created with another hero in mind. Mostly because the book was supposed to be more about the alter-ego than Titan himself.

ME: Speaking of all of the Superman paraphernalia, have you considered offering a Titan statue as a pledge level with future Kickstarter projects

JOE: A Titan statue is in progress right now. So, yes. I would offer a reward for a statue because I would love to see Titan standing next to Superman and my Shadowflame statue.

ME: Any advice you might have for the aspiring comic creator's out there?

JOE: Write everyday. Draw everyday. Never let anyone take away what makes you happy. If you want to make comics or write a book, or anything, today is the day. Tomorrow may never come. Tomorrow is too late. You won't have more time "Later". Do it now. You won't regret it.

And there you have it. 10 questions with Joe Martino! I'd like to thank Joe for taking the time to answer these questions. As I've said before, check out the Kickstarter campaign (Link Above!)

And I realize now, what a missed opportunity I had here... so, Joe, if you are reading this one, I forgot to ask, "As a Superman Fan, what are your thoughts on the upcoming "Man of Steel" film?" Answer in the comments below if you want....

New Standard Disclaimer:

I have absolutely no stake in these projects, either personal or financial. I gain no monetary compensation from them, and promote them for no other reason than they piqued my interest. Images used in this post are obtained from the Kickstarter project itself, and are used only for promotional purposes.