To belie any possible talk that I am a Sony fanboy, I want to point out, that my entry into the current gen of consoles was the XBOX 360. I played the hell out of that thing, and when the red ring of death struck, rather than turning my back on my old friend, I sent it away, and had it repaired. Similarly, when my PS3 died, I sought repairs, but in the end decided to replace it outright. Both systems have failed me a second time, so, honestly, both systems have a lot of ground to make up in my eyes. So, where do I foresee the money going, if I were to actually have said money? Read on and find out. 

In the post E3 cooldown period, we are left with a simple decision in this particular battle of the Console Wars; Sony with their vaunted PS4, or Microsoft with their much maligned XBox One. There are pro's and cons to both, to be sure. Certain systems will have their deal-breaker games, that are system exclusive, and undoubtedly there will be the die-hard fanboys and fangirls that would not abandon their chosen company if someone were pointing a gun at their head.

And then, there is me.

I have straddled the line when it comes to the last generation's console wars.  I was Switzerland, a zen island in the sea of turmoil. While others fought tooth and nail to be able to claim the superiority of a specific console, I happily played both systems. Hell, I even played with the Wii when it was first released.

This coming melee, however, has forced me to choose sides. No longer can I stand in the middle, and just play both. While many will be swayed by games, and brand loyalty, I am being swayed by complete and utter ass-hattery. 

In this generation, Microsoft has managed to shoot themselves in the foot just about every time they open their mouths. From their complete disregard for the concept of used games, or for that matter the amount of business drummed up by borrowing games from friends; to the idiocy of the always on camera and microphone that needs to connect to the internet once a day; and continuing on to the ass hat that said that the 360 was the offline alternative to the XBox One, it has become abundantly clear that Microsoft has gone out of their way to make a game system, while siimultaneously making it abundantly clear that they hate gamers.

The game industry, has been built on the back of used games. Whether it was two friends sharing copies of old NES cartridges, or swapping out your old system, to pick up the next big thing at the local Gamestop, Gaming has become reliant on used games to thrive. Now, the clowns that run Microsoft have decided that this backbone needs to be destroyed. Rather than advancing the world of gaming, they wish to bottle it, cage it, and beat the tide of gamers to submission.

This fundamental hatred of gamers, and gaming itself is why, it is with a heavy heart that I must step aside, and join the ranks of the Sony-philes. When Microsoft wonders why their new system didn't take off, I'll just have to tell them, I'm gonna stick with the offline model.