22 PAGES REVIEW: "The Mighty Titan #1"

You may remember, I recently interviewed Joe Martino, the writer and creator of "The Mighty Titan". If you don't remember that, I recommend you check it out. Joe has created a passion project to help relate his own trials and tribulations with cancer, and framed it in the outline of a comic. This is the first issue, of a proposed 5. 

The Mighty Titan #1

By: Joe Martino (writer); Luca Cicchitti (penciller); Jeff Austin (inker) ; Keith Betancourt (colorist); Adam Pruett (letterer); with color assistance by Bryan Magnaye. Edited by Robert Sodaro. 

When it comes to comics, I basically critique things on 2 basic qualities Art and Writing.  For the sake of simplicity, I will start with art, and move on to writing.

ART: Luca, Jeff and Keith have a very nice clean style going on. The architectural art is well done, and looking at the first panel, anyone who has walked down Michigan Avenue should immediately recognize the Windy City. The action scenes flow fluidly, and the character art remains vibrant throughout. They do a great job of varying the look of Mark Williams (Titan's Mortal Alter Ego), and Titan himself. And they do so without relying on the old "pair of glasses" disguise! All in all, I can totally dig the art.

WRITING: This, is quite possibly the most important aspect of any comic. Bad art, can be forgiven, but bad writing can't. And this manages to tell a good introduction story, while teasing at things to come. It introduces you to the primary protagonist, the primary antagonist, and it offers up the hints of the problems Titan is soon to face. This is a well done introduction to a new universe, that should leave the reader eagerly awaiting the next issue. Not once during the whole issue did I find myself wondering what the hell was happening. And while I can definitely feel Joe's admiration of Superman shining through at points, I think the story stands on it's own quite well.

Final Thoughts: I honestly, am looking forward to the next issue, and recommend this to anyone who is getting a little fed up with mainstream comics.  While there are some of the standard comic tropes in there, it is a nice story, and it should be interesting to see where it all leads.

22 page Grade: A very solid B 

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for the next issue HERE 

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