UPDATE: 8/13/13 - Just found out this project has relaunched at THIS location!

Remote Angel is a Kickstarter project being run by "Yennie Fer" (I see what she did there!). She is attempting to secure funding for her book, with the hopes of being able to take it to local conventions. When she contacted me to do an interview, I agreed because I am all about spreading the word about various projects in the helps of making dreams come true. So, if you are so inclined, check out her project HERE . For more info about the project, feel free to read her description, or watch the video, and if you are so inclined, donate and help her out. Now... On with the interview!

ME: So, what can you tell us about the story of "Remote Angel"? Where did the idea come from?

YENNIE: It's a story about a teenage girl named Alice Desangi. She has had some haunting dreams lately. She can't stop thinking about them, but her friends tell her not to worry - until her dreams come true! A mysterious woman, along with these demonic beings, appear and set out to kill her! Alice is called to fight alongside with heaven against hell!

My ideas were mostly inspired from a mixture of dreams I had have in the past.

ME: You write and draw the entire thing yourself? What's it like doing everything on the project?

YENNIE: Yes, I drew everything. Before drawing, I write out a script and outline how each chapter will go.

Putting the project out there is a lot of work and if it's successful, there will be more work for me to do. I know I can do it though because I've produced a lot of products for my first convention.

ME: How long did it take to write and draw your book?

YENNIE: Remote Angel re-started in 2011. I finished all the chapters sometime in February of this year. It took two years because I had a lot of bumps in the road. It would have been a shorter time if it weren't for that.

ME: Are there more issues planned, or is this a one shot story? If there is more story, can you tell us anything about the next installment?

YENNIE: There will be seven more volumes that will be out in the future. Each book is cut out into volumes so it can leave a cliffhanger for the next one. I'm currently working on the second volume, which will be getting deeper information about the characters in them.

ME: Any projects lined up to follow this?

YENNIE: If this project's successful, I will be preparing more products to go to different conventions in 2014 to follow my dream.

There you have it. Trying to shorten the interviews a bit, so they are a little easier to read.  Perhaps I will try and do follow up interviews, if there appears to be a need for one. Anyway, I'd like to thank "Yennie Fer" for her time, and for requesting the interview.