SUPARA UPDATE: #1 - New Beginnings

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OK, so here we are. For those who've kept up with us and wondering why the Supara Update column slowly faded into hiding was because of two things. We were waiting for some art to get back to us for a series of new characters, and we kept ourselves busy at re-launching the entire Slamfist Media site. One of those things is complete. As you can see; the site new, it’s fresh, easier to navigate, and we have some much needed freedoms we didn’t have with the previous set up.

The other part goes into why we’ve decided to renumber the Supara Update column back to #1. The universe still there, in fact, it’s now twice as large. We've added two new contributors to the writing & development staff and we’ve mapped out more story than we can handle. The problem we’re facing now is the same one I’ve brought up in the past. It’s art and it’s money. Finding an artist and paying for one is a tricky thing. We've also discovered that it can be more difficult than that. We need to find someone that could have a little more freedom to work with us. The art we have so far is amazing and we couldn’t be happier. We just want more of it.

Beyond that, if getting character/profile sheets are this difficult on a budget, how hard is it going to be with actually creating a comic book? It’s a thought that makes me shiver with doubt. So, what we’ve decided to do until we can get a comic off the ground, it continue what we’re doing and putting it into a different medium. We can do this by creating anthologies, flash fiction, short stories, maybe radio plays, and other forms of written story telling. Something nothing else but our lazy selves can stop us from doing.

Here are a few examples: The Foundation was the first super team known to the modern public. Each of them has a background, an origin, and goal. What’s their story? How did the rise and when did they fall? A member of the team is an alien. Where did he come from? How did he get here? What’s his past? There have been “Powers” on Earth for centuries so what other countless stories could we come up with? We’ve already delved into it a bit with SLAMFICTION #1: The Auerbach Journals. What’s stopping us from growing this universe beyond the panel? Nothing is. That’s why we’re renumbering the Updates, that’s what we’re working on, and that’s what you’ll be reading soon.

We’ve also created a page that will change over time but gives a basic overview of what we’re creating called “What is Supara?” I’m actually going to provide the contents of that page below for any new readers to the blog. Also, it’s a new beginning for us at Slamfist Media. Why not?

What is Supara?

Supara is a super heroic mythology about a fictional city called Supara Valley, California. This city has a rich legacy of people born with different and often times extraordinary super natural abilities commonly referred as “Powers”. Though the mysterious origin of these super natural abilities predates the founding of Supara Valley itself but on August 7th 1948 was the day that Supara changed the world forever. In an attempt to ease the public’s outcry of the most recent World War; the National Division of Sciences would introduce a supreme policing force called “The Foundation”. That day was the first day the existence of Powers was revealed to the public for the first time.

Our story begins present day, long after the rise and fall of The Foundation and the idea of the costumed super hero. A series of horrific attacks on the city would then set in motion our current main characters stories from all walks of life. For example: Dr. Nicolas Welles, a non-power loses his wife and seeks revenge on those with “Powers” underneath an anti-hero persona of “X”. Dario Rickman, detective and first responder to the most catastrophic attack on the city realizes that his ability needs be put to use but must do so in secret as the vigilante known “Warden”. “Sync” is Ellen Eckhart; a prodigy turned cybercriminal with the secrets to what’s really going on behind the curtain of the attacks. Dakota Gretchen is a young, idealistic, social butterfly that is all too informed of anything Foundation. Unlike most Powers that are born with their ability, she is granted hers through an old friend with a mutual understanding that it’s time for the costumed hero to come back… as she does so mimicking an original Foundation member as “Starstruck”.

Supara in itself is about the lives of these characters within this great city that has embraced and disowned certain aspects of the Power community. The repercussions of the past echo through the minds and laws of today, while this group, exemplifies idea of hope and sacrifice. Morality is tested and lives are lost. Each of these characters and dozens more will be brought to the brink of their humanity and what it means to embrace the mask. Welcome to Supara Valley, the city… is the future.

Who is The Foundation?

The Foundation is a group of seven Powers recruited into a policing force by government funded agency called The National Division of Sciences (NDS). Each one of these members was chosen based off their likeness and abilities. Their primary goal was to be a symbol, a beacon of hope for the U.S. meanwhile providing display of mysterious power to the rest of the world.

In conjunction with the United Kingdom, the first member recruited was one of their most dedicated soldiers and a master weapons expert; Agent Pierce, a Power who never misses. Next was a Dana Hernandez, “The Reader” with the ability to read people’s minds. A Native American, Aylen Ticutta known as “Strong Arm” with superhuman strength and the burden of nearly unbreakable skin. A Brooklyn greaser, Conner Whelan dubbed “Shifter” with his ability to morph parts of his body into beast-like limbs.

The team even got a little more interesting after the famous Roswell crash on July 7th, 1947 where a saucer-like long-range pod was discovered with a blue humanoid life form named Vor-Khai trapped inside. He was sent a mission only to wreck on Earth by accident. He suffered memory loss due to the event and then was housed and retrained by the NDS. In return for a little freedom, they would reveal him to be a Power named Marcus Moore and a member of The Foundation as “The Imperial”.

Shortly after the Roswell incident, another pod landed outside a bottling factory where it came in contact with Margaret Ericson. In defense, she surprisingly struck this life form in the chest with a copper pipe. Ericson struck and ruptured a glowing yellow stone that was surgically embedded in its scaly chest. The energy within would then flow into her body and rendering her unconscious. She awoke in the facilities of the NDS where they performed experiments testing her new abilities. The energy she absorbed grants her flight and she can absorb, manipulate, and expel shocking beams/balls of light. From there on out, she was turned into the most powerful member of The Foundation as “Star Striker”. To this day, it’s still a mystery how she was able to absorb that strange alien’s energy.

The entire group was led by a master tactician Charles Hudson, with the Power to assume, predict, and calculate motives and movements on a superhuman level of not only those around him but abroad. He was orphaned as a child and taken into the NDS at the early age of 12 where he assisted in combat deployments as well as surveying certain social groups. He was given the named “Sargent” only to tout the readiness he exploits in any given situation.

Early on, The Foundation was a success. But to those who opposed these Powers, now have a target... and it was a public one. It only took a decade to nearly wipe out half the original team before they started to replace members with other different kinds lesser and untrained Powers. Though regardless of the fatality this inevitability caused, there were dozens upon dozens of sanctioned and unsanctioned super teams (heroic and otherwise) popping up all over the world. This all came to a head February 22nd, 1964.

Now known, as “3 Day Wars” or “The Power War of ‘64”… there was a semi-global equalist conflict between extremists with and without superhuman abilities. It lasted 3 days but it changed the way people look at Powers (since they were more on the defense.) The first and final blow ended in Supara Valley with a total of 5,472 lives lost. The most on American soil since the Civil War. Some theorize this was in response of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy the November before but most believed this was inevitable either way.

On March 7th, 1964, middle aged Charles Hudson, the only remaining member not missing, kidnapped, or dead from the original Foundation team takes the stage again where he was first revealed, and declares the costumed super hero era needs to come to an end.  At the same time, during the first major recession since the 1920’s, Hudson acquires the rights to the National Division of Sciences. He did this with the intention of rebranding and repurposing the image of Powers into a product of advancement for all rather than a free service to the people.

What is a “Power”?

So far as what we know, a Power is a person born with a super natural ability. It can range from so subtle that they might not even notice they are one to completely restructuring and dismantling someone’s physical and/or mental well-being. But those cases only happen maybe once or twice a year. It’s not about luck or even destiny because a Power’s ability may manifest itself at any point in their life. We have no known way of tracking when the manifestation occurs or who a Power is but we do know it manifests most in teens. There have been cases where they’re younger and some older but those tend to lead to some difficulties. In most cases, Powers either keep their ability a secret or they might exploit it for whatever reason they see fit. Being a Power isn’t a crime, and they’re not considered a lower class citizen but showing off certain kinds of abilities can be illegal as explained in the revised 1965’s 25th Amendment which defines what a Superhuman is and what rights they retain. Even to this day, there are those who view them as a threat though in all honesty, they are just mutated versions of their former selves. 

That's it for this month! Is you have any questions, please comment below, send us an e-mail, follow us on Facebook & Twitter.  From all of us at Slamfist Media, thank you!