STATE OF THE FIST: Contests, Contents, and Comments

Wow. It's almost July! The time has really flown this year. We spent a good portion of the beginning of the year rebuilding our entire site from the ground up. So, I suppose that might account for a lot of the shortness here. You may have noticed our drive to put out more content, and hopefully we can continue these efforts! While I can not promise the insane amounts of posts that have been par for course these last few weeks, I want to make it my goal to have no less than two posts each week!

If you've been reading, you will have likely noticed my dedication to Kickstarter. I would like to expand my efforts over the course of the next quarter. Bringing a larger variety of projects to be featured here. As always, I am always open to interviews, and if you have other ideas on how to feature a project, I am open to discussing that! As always with Kickstarter, it is my desire to see people fulfill their dreams. If you have an idea, and it's pretty awesome, I want to help you get it out to the masses! 

We are also still continuing with our Movie reviews. Always a popular feature, the movie reviews are a staple here, and I don't see them ever going away completely, however movies are pricey, and for my Kickstarter addiction to be fed, sometimes I have to forego the movies, in favor of funding. However, I do not think I will ever stop voicing my opinion on movies, so... I will find a way!

The Supara project continues at a somewhat slower pace. We work endlessly on this one, wanting to make sure things are perfect before unleashing them on the world. Currently in the works are a number of short stories, stories of the Foundation, as well as my reboot of the Ron Stone series! All those and more will be coming to the SlamFiction section very soon!

Also be prepared for more game reviews! Kickstarter games should start showing up here soon, so we should have more than enough games to review! If you know anyone that wants us to review their game, Contact us at the link above, and we shall see what we can do.  

And finally, I'm going to make it a point to try and pose questions with each post I make. This is a simple effort to try and engage you the reader. I'd love to have the opportunity to discuss what we right in an open way. Please, feel free to comment on any post,, I'd love to hear what you all think!

The State of the Fist, is stronger than ever! 

So, what would our readers like to see more of here? Post in the comments below!