The Contest is now officially over. Any entries coming in after this point are no longer valid. Thanks to all who participated! Keep your eyes on this post, for any further updates on the contest.  


UPDATE: 6/30/13 3:30PM EDT

Google Hangout appears to work, there is a slight delay, but it does work. So I will embed the video directly onto the site, with a link so that everyone can get to it, and when it is over, The link should still work as a link to the broadcast on Youtube.


UPDATE: 7/1/13 6:14 AM EDT

The "Wall of Awesome" is now live! No names on there yet, since I have no idea who will win, but... it exists! Any suggestions as to what to name it? 


UPDATE: 7/1/13 6:10 PM EDT

These are the numbers I am cutting out and putting into the hat. White numbers are valid Entries. Red are invalid. All the Red will be removed before the drawing begins!

UPDATE: 7/1/13 6:25 PM EDT  

The Video embedded below will start around 8:00 PM EDT!  Any questions for Frank, Tweet him! @Slamfistmedia. I wrote it on my white board, but you won't be able to read it!

The above spreadsheet should theoretically allow verification that the numbers I pulled match the names.  

The winning numbers were: 

3rd place: 71- DANIEL BEE

2nd place: 98- ANDREW HIGGINS

1st Place: 36- ROGER SATO


Winners have been emailed. Should the winners not come forward, A secondary drawing will be held to determine who will get the prize instead.