The project in question is called "Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale." And it demanded a look! Upon reading the description on the Kickstarter, I couldn't help but smile. It read like they were pitching "The Hunger Games" by way of "Once Upon a Time". A sort of psychotic "Battle Royale" between various Fairytale characters to see who would reign supreme. What is not to love about this idea?

So, after I threw my lot in on this project, I am checking my email and what do I see? The project has already reached out to me, and given me a little press release. If you know me, you know this was a surreal sort of moment, that had me grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  So, since I don't think I can do the project justice... An excerpt, if you will, from the press release that was forwarded to me... And by excerpt , I mean the majority of it, snipping out some contact information and what not.

In the game, everyone's favorite fairytale characters have been gathered into a battlefield arena, and will need to either work together, or turn on each other and fight, in order to survive. Throughout the game players will have the chance to collect magical items, such as the infamous poisoned apple, and complete quests in locations like Emerald City.
The game designer and the staff at Artistic Justice Games have worked hard to create a game that is both engaging in the gameplay itself, while creating an engaging storyline and artwork to compliment the game. The backstory of each character has been twisted just enough to add to the "battle for your life" theme. And with over 200 different pieces of art, the game is just a gorgeous sight to behold.

Here is the link to the game's Facebook page

And to the game's Kickstarter page 

Between the Kick-ass art, and the insane premise, this is a game that sounds well worth the time, and money. Backing at the $65 level will guarantee you access to the unlocked stretch goals, and seriously... if you're not excited about the $120K stretch goal... You're just not human! And if that isn't enough to entice you... the other stretch goals are a bunch of miniatures! This is the Kickstarter Campaign that keeps on giving!

So Come on and join me, back this project, and let's get this battle started!

 --The above image is from the Kickstarter Campaign. Used at the encouragement of the Kickstarter campaign itself!