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Today, we talk with Erik Scott de Bie. 

ME: How would you describe your style to someone who has never read your work?

ERIK: I call my style "Take no prisoners." I write with a strong emphasis on dramatic action, tight plotting, and a sensitivity about equality amongst my characters, be it gender, ethnic background, etc.

ME: This book represents a shared universe; would you be tempted to revisit it in a longer format?

ERIK: Absolutely. The Awakened universe has a rare and fascinating take on magic and how it shapes the world. I'd love the chance to tell more stories there.

ME: On the Kickstarter page, you appear to be involved in a lot of various projects, what were your inspirations?

ERIK: Life, which is to say lots of places. My love of gaming, movies, video games, comics, and books, books, books. Fight scenes are often redirected anger, and a number of people I've clashed with have ended up as villains in one form or another. I get dialogue from actual conversations. Some of the visuals, though, I can't explain. Dreams? Maybe. :)

ME: What books are you currently reading? Any authors in the fantasy genre that you would say most influenced you?

ERIK: I am working on Sanderson's Mistborn series and just picked up Ahmed's Throne of the Crescent Moon. My favorite fantasy author is Neil Gaiman, followed by George R.R. Martin, and countless others. Reading a lot is essential.

ME: If you could work in any other genre of literature, what would most interest you?

ERIK: I so work in various other genres, including scifi, horror, and YA derivatives. I've also written some romance/erotica, though not under my name.

ME: Have you read any of the other stories in this collection, and if so which of the authors in this book did you most enjoy reading?

ERIK: I haven't had a chance, but I'm really looking forward to it!

ME: Do you foresee “The Awakened” being a universe that you would like to revisit in the future? Do you have other ideas for stories set in this universe?

ERIK: Absolutely. The coming of age trope is a classic story that can take all kinds of forms. Animal companions in a modern world would be really neat too.

ME: What were the biggest challenges of writing your story?

ERIK: Capturing my own original tribe of people, being original and sensitive at the same time, was a fun challenge. 

ME: Working in a fantasy setting, are there any of the standard fantasy tropes that you are tired of?

ERIK: I like to innovate and experiment. The classic elves + dwarves thing bugs me a little--I like more original racial constructions.

ME: Any advice for aspiring authors?

ERIK: Try to stop writing. It's hard, thankless, and it's a tunnel through some dark places. If you can't stop, then keep going because my condolences, you're a writer.


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