EDITORIAL: What Ever Happened to Ron Stone?

Some of you may remember back before the relaunch, I was working on a series of story fragments simply titled "Ron Stone".  What started out as a writing experiment, had turned into a character I enjoyed writing, and desired to write more about. Things spiraled out of control, and that leads us to today. 

The Tale of Vera Stone.

This is me ranting a bit about the upcoming reworking of the story of Ron Stone, that I began a while back. I decided after some stalls, and a small bit of writer's block, it was time to get a fresh start, and try to focus the story more. A lot of this will be treading familiar territory. I am not here to claim that it is all going to be 100% new.

This represents my attempts to do for the modern Supara universe what Prof. Auerbach did for the Foundation-era Supara Universe. Vera stone will be my window into the goings on of the world, and much like Prof. Auerbach, the observations and opinions will not necessarily reflect the reality of the world, but rather one person's view of it.

The troubles with the first iteration of the story were ...fairly substantial. One I had tried too hard to establish that the character was named “Ron”, and was also female. That was a hard sell from the beginning, but I tried, and I think I succeeded on the most part. The next issue was setting.. I tried desperately to establish that she was living in New York City, but having only been to the city itself once, my knowledge of it was insanely limited. Thus I had to refer to Wikipedia and Google maps on a fairly regular basis to try and establish credibility. This led to excessive effort put into what amounted to just over 5000 words. The biggest issue though, was it ended up taking my focus away from the Supara-verse entirely too much, and thus I was torn the entire time I was writing it. Torn between the universe we were trying to create, and the universe of Ron Stone.

So, I am rebranding it.

I am picking up Ron Stone, transplanting her to Supara, and having her take on a new name. She is still the same character, pretty much everything about her past remains unchanged. Other than her strange name.

Why Vera?

Well, the character is still Veronica Stone. I pondered the possibility of"Roni" and "Nica", since the name was relatively hard to shorten, and the character referring to herself as "Veronica" seemed too formal for the character as I envisioned her. "Roni" (Pronounced like Row-Knee) looked too similar, and felt like a complete cop out. "Nica" on the other hand felt too much like "Nico" an already established character in the Supara-verse. So, I decided on "Vera" (pronounced like Vee-ra". I felt it had a more interesting sound to it, and it fits with the character.

So as I build up toward the relaunch of the series, I will post an updated character sheet, kinda giving the character a bit of background so I don't have to write it all into the story itself. When the story is ready to start anew, you'll find it up under the Supara Tab, in the "Slamfiction" category. 

I hope to see you there.