Yeah, I'm sticking with the Kickstarter name. Why, you might ask? Because it's what I've been using, and my old ass is too stubborn to change it right now! Today, I'm skipping the games, skipping the comics, and going straight to one of the biggest loves of my life! That's right today, we're featuring Redheads! ... Er... Movies. Yeah, Movies! 

I have said before, possibly on multiple occasions tht what brought me into the Slamfist family, and what honestly started this crazy experiment, was film. A deep-seated desire to create something for the masses, to dabble in the art that has brought us such joy over the years. While we aren't there yet, that does not mean that I have given up, and while I may be unable to currently fulfill my dream, you guys today can help to fulfill the dreams of others!

Let's count down some of my favorite currently funding projects! 

1) Staging Grief

Yeah, it is odd to be featuring this as part of a Kickstarter roundup for two reasons. First, I just interviewed Tanya on Monday. Second, This isn't a Kickstarter project. However, I like the look of this short, and Tanya amuses the hell out of me! Any project that starts out with someone claiming to be Zach Braff, and Veronica Mars, and then proceeds to threaten a puppy, is worthy of my support! The most basic pledge level that I would recommend is the $25 mark, where you get a digital download of the film, and the score! If you're able though... go for the $2500 level though... that Puppy is looking might worried!

2) The Expedition

Another project on IndieGogo? Has the world gone mad? No. this is actually the first project that brought me away from Kickstarter to seriously promote another crowd-funding site. What's not to love here? It's British, it's a monster movie, I see a distinct lack of redheads, but 2 out of three great things isn't bad! The asking amount is about double "Staging Grief's" , but the ambition alone warrants the extra cost. The movie wants to make something unique, and to do as much as possible with practical effects, INCLUDING building their own monster! How bad ass is that? For 15 pounds (roughly 23 Dollars) you can get a download of the final version of the film! 

3) Alice: Otherlands

Jumping further on this world tour of film, and returning to my beloved Kickstarter, we have American McGee's latest Kickstarter project. Following hot on the heels of the Oz Campaign, American dives right back into the franchise that he is most well known for. Sure, this isn't a game sequel to his previous games, but rather an animated sequel of sorts. This is a big project, and one I have my fingers crossed for. Sensing a theme here, this one will set you back $25 if you are looking for a download of the film.

4) Little Witch Academia 2

This is an odd one. It has surpassed its goal, and is well on its way to breaking 500,000! So, why am I here mentioning it? For a change, I am going to shut up and let a video do the talking for me. Below, is Little Witch Academia (the original), all 26 minutes of it!

Yeah, a sequel to this seems like it could only be a good thing! I love animation, and this just makes me smile. It is Fun, whimsical, and has a vague Harry Potter vibe that should appeal to so many people!. And for 20 dollars you can help fund the sequel! So, what are you waiting for? 

5) That Awkward Moment

This one comes from a Twitter suggestion. Not necessarily that they specifically requested I feature this one, but rather that they sent a list of many possible projects, and I decided to choose one. This sounds like an interesting reality-bending short, with a simple lesson to be garnered from the whole ordeal. While providing a lesson isn't always necessary to make a movie watchable, this one sounds like the sort of commentary on human nature that kinda warrants one. Also, at $15 for a film download, this is the cheapest buy in of the lot! 


Thus ends my world tour of film! From LA, to London, to Shanghai, to Tokyo, and bringing it all back to Salt Lake City. All of these are films I would be happy to add to my collection. 

Suggestions for the theme to the next Kickstarter Roundup can be left in the comments below, along with suggestions for what you would like to see me feature. I can't guarantee I will feature everything you post, but everything posted will be considered!  

See you next time.