Amazon is good to me. Whenever I am too lazy to run to the store, there it is, offering up its bounty of everything imaginable! Is it any wonder that I find myself perusing the new releases there on a fairly regular basis. Well, today is Tuesday, and that means, the new releases are here! Below are some of my suggestions for what to purchase this week! 

1) 42

Sitting at a 76% Fresh rating over at, this is a fairly well accepted movie, that depicts Jackie Robinson's rise to the major leagues, and how he helped to change the way Baseball treated race. Of all the films that my co-workers keep asking me about, this is the highest on their list. It comes highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of Baseball, or just admires the contribution Jackie Robinson made to the game.  If you're interested Click the image below, to buy it!


Coming in with a mere 63% Fresh rating over at, this is a movie that divided a fandom. While generally skewing in a positive light, there are some naysayers that decry this film as proof of cinematic Armageddon. My review, I imagine made it fairly clear which side of this argument I fell into. I felt this film was a good send up to the original, while mixing things up enough that it wasn't completely predictable. This movie has been noted as having used more blood in it than any other movie before! Considering the competition, this is a pretty substantial feat! If interested in this film, click the image below!


As this is a TV show, and not a movie, there is no reading on the Tomatometer. It is, however sitting on an 8.1 out of 10 over at In recent years there have been few shows that have captivated me nearly as much as "Orphan Black" . Tatiana Maslany's performances are brilliant, and the way she slides so fluidly from character to character is amazing! As far as Bang for your buck goes, this is my pick of the week! 450 minutes of clone-filled thrills, should not leave anyone disappointed. Season 2 can not come soon enough! Click the image below to purchase it!

And looking at next week's releases, I don't see anything that is popping out at me, so perhaps, look for another installment around July 30th!