Publisher: Activision Games

Developer: High Moon Studios

Release DateJune 25, 2013

Gaming Platform: PS3

High Moons Studios' Deadpool is part run 'n gun and part platforming chaos. The game starts with Deadpool contacting High Moon Studios about getting his own video game, and after some careful consideration (and some TNT) HMS decides to oblige him.

After a rather humorous tutorial the game starts off. Now while the game doesn't introduce anything new whatsoever gameplay wise, the silly antics of the titular anti-hero are extremely amusing. The gameplay is very similar to Devil May Cry and fits Deadpool's style quite well. With a pretty diverse cache of weapons, killing exploding Gambit clones is always a fun button mashing delight.

The game also has a fun slew of cameos from other members of the Marvel Universe. Cable's interactions with DP are non-stop hilarious, and the design for Death in this game is really clever, and a big kudos to her scenes with DP as well, as cutesy as they are. They are one of my favorite parts of the game.

The biggest achievement in this game is, in my opinion, Nolan North's voice over work as Deadpool, and the two voices in his head. He clearly has a lot of fun playing this character and I hope he continues to voice the mouth of the merc with a mouth. Seriously, he's up there with Mark Hamill's Joker and Kevin Conroy's Batman. 

Now to the serious part of the review. 

Would I recommend this game to anyone?

Honestly no, like I said before, this game has nothing new to show. The game itself actually claims in a few scenes that HMS had a low budget, and it kind of feels like it at times. If there is a sequel (I do hope so, as a Deadpool game series does have potential.) I would love to see some more creativity with the level mapping and maybe some tightening up on the controls.

However I would recommend this to a fan of Deadpool, or maybe just comics in general. Among the endless list of games of the Superhero genre, this one is actually one of the few good ones. It's not even close to being as bad as Superman 64, but it's also not nearly as good Arkham City. Also, for Deadpool fans, the hilarity of Deadpool himself throughout the game and his crazy shenanigans will definitely hold the fans over long enough for the long-awaited and most likely ill-fated live action movie. 

So in short.

PLAYER 2 SCORE(S): As a gamer I give this game a 5/10, it has promise. But the first attempt is lacking. 

As a fanboy i'd say a 7.5/10. The cutscenes and interactions are always fun. And I think fanpeople might get a higher replay value out of this game.

It's definitely a good game. But it can be so much better. Hopefully it made enough money to warrant a sequel. I bet a sequel would be amazing.