SUPARA UPDATE: #2 - Finding Foundations

Supara Update Logo.png

Today, I’m going to be brief because many other things are quickly brewing at Slamfist Media. We’ve been working on turning out flash fiction style stories for each character of “The Foundation” team. Some are longer than others; mainly due to the importance and relevancy to our “present day” characters but that doesn't mean we’re going spare any expense in their individual development.

At the moment, we’re trying to tell when each character of The Foundation realizes or uses their powers for the first time. Being a Power in this universe is similar to what a Mutant is within the Marvel Universe. Treated as a separate race (though, they are not) meanwhile the manifestation of their abilities can occur at any time in their life. The majority within their teenage years but that’s mostly due to exerting higher levels of emotion in the form of stress, excitement, depression, and so on. Also, unlike the Mutants; Powers are not an evolutionary leap in human-kind and much of that will be explained at a later date.

Since being a Power is the root of this project and all future writings dealing with Supara; we thought on a creativity and continuity standpoint to write about each of their beginnings that’ll define the rest of their lives. Plus, this could familiarize the reader of how people interact and react with Powers during that certain time period (early to mid 1900's). So to you, that means seven different stories about The Reader, Shifter, Star Striker, Strong Arm, Khai, Agent Pierce, and Sergeant will be posted on the SlamFiction blog. One character in particular, will hopefully be an ongoing bi-weekly story about our resident blue alien, Vor-Khai. Much of his origin on his home planet has already been changed from previous entries in an effort to expand on his development. Once each character’s story has been written and posted, we will create a Foundation page detailing each of their attributes and origin in the same way we have our present day characters.

The Foundation was originally created to be a backdrop to our present day character’s world, mirroring each other in the same fashion as “Alan Moore’s Watchman”. Though, just look at it like this; these tales are is going to be “Page 1” to the Supara Universe. No retconning here ladies and gents! Keep in mind that if this proves favorable to the reader as well as us as the writers; we'll continue telling their tales beyond the exploration of their abilities. 

Other than that, you should be seeing those stories posted within the coming weeks. It’s a new venture for us and greatly differs from script writing (trust me) so it’s kind of a learning process. Oh, and one more thing. We’re currently looking for an artist to help us makes covers, character concepts, landscaping, and develop our city (look and feel), please comment below or contact us. Any and all help will be much appreciated! Thanks for checking in!