Yeah, I like these posts. Mostly their gonna come from Amazon, but if I see sweet deals elsewhere, I'll let you know. If you are reading this, I should mention that purchasing something through any of the Amazon links you see helps pay for the site. So, if you see anything that interests you, by all means, click away, and help us out!

On to today's Deal(s) 

1) The Ultimate Matrix Collection (Blu-Ray) 

 I know very few people that will argue with me when I say "The Matrix" was a fun piece of cinema. It was moderately thought provoking, while still offering up a nice slice of action. It brought the world Bullet Time, and made the phrase "I know kung-fu" part of the everyday vernacular. And for a change, I had to recognize Laurence Fishburne as something other than Cowboy Curtis from Peewee's Playhouse. This collection contains all three movies, the Animatrix, and a slew of bonus discs! At $24.50, you can't go wrong here! It only offers two beer coasters, but... meh! Check it out by clicking the image below!

2) Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection (Blu-Ray)

ACT FAST! This one is listed as a lightning deal. So, get it NOW 3 hours after this post goes live, this deal goes away! 110 Bucks gets you 22 Bond Films on Blu-Ray! Get it now!  Click the Image below to go to the deal!

And in about an hour, Josh Spaw's next Supara Update!