I'm back again with even more projects that caught my eye. On the Kickstarter side, we have a card game, a movie, and a bar. On the Indiegogo side, we have an interesting movie concept! And with my desire to try and keep things budget friendly, these all have relatively low buy ins (the bar... well... Just wait.)

As always, I encourage everyone to check out the links, and watch the videos. There are a lot of interesting ideas out there, and some of them just need a little help making those ideas a reality. Except in the case of the first project... It has smashed through the initial funding request, and now... well, read below to find out. If anyone knows a project they would like me to feature, leave a link in the comments below.

On with the pitches!

1) The Agents

By now, you probably know... the Slamfist team likes games. I think there is barely a single meeting that doesn't end with us busting out a board game or a card game, and playing for a while. This game, seems like one that would be right up our alley. With the Double-edged card mechanic, this one looks to offer an insane amount of strategy and replayability. The buy in is almost ridiculously cheap at a mere 18 dollars! That is a 2 dollar savings over the MSRP, and you get the Kickstarter exclusive goodies! Go for the $33 tier, and get all the expansion packs, too. You know you want to. They have a listed ship date of November 2013, so if all goes well, you can break this bad boy in before 2014!

2) Unhinged

What can I say? I'm a sucker for psycho killer films. This sounds like a great recipe for a fun short film. Granted, it sounds to be following a very simple formula, but... isn't that kind of what makes these movies? To see how they play up that formula, and try to keep things fresh. Also, when dealing with a short film, a certain amount of familiar tropes are necessary to keep story telling aspects at a minimum and keep the runtime down. For a $25 buy in, you can get a DVD of the film, and a poster signed by the star. Not a bad deal!

3) Geek Out Geek Bar!!

Now... this.... this is an idea I love. A bar, where I could theoretically go (If I lived in Chicago) to play games and watch Dr. Who with my friends, and a group of other geeky individuals? All while having geek-themed drinks, and bar food? Have I died and gone to heaven? Is this idea too good to be true? Well, sadly this particular business is a little far away for me to frequent on a regular basis, and I imagine it is far out of the way for many of our readers, too. I support this project, because I want to encourage this idea... I want it to become a thing nationwide, worldwide even! So for a small donation now, you can help make the world a geekier place for the future! Not a lot for the physical goods here, But for $25 you can get a T-shirt. And the warm fuzzy tribble-like feeling that Chicago will be geekier thanks to you!

4) Localized

This is an interesting idea as well. A movie based on Time-lapse photography. It will be like an urban national geographic. All kinds of interesting locations, shown in a series of time lapse photos. The download tiers on this one are Extremely cheap. For as low as $5 you can get a copy of the movie! And this time... I don't have a lot to say, because I want the pitch video to say it for me!