First off, wow... it's July 30th already? Seriously? This year is flying past it seems... It seems like only yesterday, that I was refusing to review one of the movies below simply because I absolutely hated the original. Below, are two new releases of note, as we close out July.


Sitting a a lofty 28% on the Tomatometer, it would seem that the critics were not very forgiving to this movie. However, even the audience seemed to dislike it, and the public opinion is sitting at only 51%. I'd like to point out, that in both cases this means that the movie is, by all accounts, worse than the original! Soak that up for a moment... It was WORSE than that horrible "Rise of the Cobra" movie.... This is one of those films that I firmly believe must have been made when a director said "Sure... that movie was bad, but I can do worse." If you want to see what the critics were complaining about, click the image below, and pick up a copy for yourself. If I get Five comments on this post (from different people), I will make this movie my next "Why the F" review.


A DC animation, so this one was saved the shame that might be caused by the Tomatometer. The Flashpoint Paradox is an animated retelling of the events that led up to the New DCU. That is to say that Flashpoint was DC actively raising their arms before giving their fans the finger. Will this movie keep up the quality of past DC animated features, or will it be a total kick to the nuts like the most recent DC movies? Click the image below to get a copy and find out. or wait a bit, because I am pretty sure someone on this blog will review it sooner or later!


Part of me wanted to do a separate post for the deal, but I think it will fit in here perfectly! I'm a guy, that didn't ever really get in to Star Trek. While the various other geeks I knew swore by the show, it was never really my thing. That being said, I did happen to catch "First Contact" one year, and found myself enjoying that. So, that brings us to the Deal! All 4 of the "Next Generation" Star Trek films, on Blu Ray, for only $20 bucks! That's right, for the price of a standard DVD you can get 2 Decent movies, and what I believe was William Shatner's final appearance as Captain Kirk. Also, you get a bonus beer coaster that says "Nemesis" on it! Click the image below to sweep this deal up! This deal is only good TODAY July 30th, 2013.