Today's posting was inspired by a little game I stumbled across, and decided it was time to take up my Champion of Kickstarter mantle once more, and preach to the masses about the crowd-sourcing platform that is so near and dear to my heart. What projects will be at the table for this crowd-sourcing buffet? Let's dive right in, shall we?

First Course: "Skullduggery

 "Skullduggery" is the latest campaign being run for Level 99 Games, a company that our own Josh Spaw, has brought to my attention on several occasions. This one, is a new version of a mini-game they previously created. A mini-game that they decided deserved to be fully fleshed out, and made available to you, as a competitive story-telling game of EVIL! For a 35 dollar buy-in you get the full game, in a glorious physical format. Check it out now! With an expected ship date of Nov. 2013, you're looking at having this one before the year is up!

Second Course: "Fallen"

"Fallen" is an epic dungeon adventure told with dice and cards. The game drew me in, not just with the amazing artwork, but also with the amazing potential to be expanded and customized. This game practically screams for future add-on content, and that potential longevity is something to be admired. It is listed as only a two-player game, so there isn't a lot of room for all your friends to join in, but it is there for when you just have to do a dungeon crawl and there are only two of you. Also worthy of note, is that it pits players in a battle of good vs evil, each side working against the other to win. For a $40 buy in, you get the entire game, with an expected ship date of December 2013! 

Final Course: "Soul Saga "

"Soul Saga" happens to strike at one of my weak points, in that I absolutely adored the old JRPGs that I played growing up. The SNES Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger, man... I could play those games all day, and in some cases I did. To see this game, and look at the amount of love being put into it, I can only hope that this will fill the hole that has been left by the loss of the older games. Better yet, if you just want a digital download of the game, a $15 buy in is all it takes! The caveat there is it won't ship until July 2014, so there will be a lot of time for the anticipation to build. But seriously, look at their stretch goal graphic and try to tell me this isn't something to love? 

So, click the image, back the game, and join me in waiting!