REVIEW: "Despicable Me 2"

So, as I said, and will say over and over, I loved "Despicable Me". It took an actor, whose movies I generally dislike, and put him into a role, that was enjoyable to watch. Granted, this was due in large part to my favorite part of the movie, The Minions. Now, we've moved on to the sequel, Gru has given up his despicable ways, and has settled into the role of a mad-scientist family man. Does this stack up to the rampant villainy of the previous film?

Yeah, it kinda does. 

Once again, a huge portion of the enjoyability of this film rests solely on the shoulders of the minions. Their mostly unintelligible speech patterns, and general goofiness, make them endearing characters, and every moment they aren't around feels like a missed opportunity.  Those little yellow guys are the real stars of this movie. 

The voice talent once again, is superb. The addition of SNL alum Kristen Wiig, while initially worrisome, turned out pretty good. The returning cast members all dive back into their roles with abandon, and are without exception,  just plain enjoyable. They all manage to do voices that are different enough from what was familiar to me, that I never found myself thinking "Oh, That's Kristen Wiig", a simple fact that I enjoy, because it helps immerse me into the movie. 

Now, one thing we must keep in mind, is this is a kid's movie. So, the slapstick humor abounds. Cheap laughs are often thrown in for the sake of a cheap laugh, and often-times things are predictable, and you can see where things are going before things even begin to start,  Things are not so much fore-shadowed, as blatantly handed to you on a platter with a neon sign pointing at it saying "Pay attention to this!". Whether it is Agnes' speech for the Mother's day whichamadoodle, or the purple macguffin, this movie is not made to be subtle, or nuanced.   

And I don't care in the slightest. 

This is a film, that tells you outright what is going to happen plot-wise, so you can sit back, and enjoy the laughter. Each time the minions start singing, it is a moment of sheer sublime bliss, that had the entire theater in stitches. All in all, quite possibly one of the most enjoyable movie going experiences I have had so far this year!

Recommendation:  If you have kids, this is definitely a movie to see. The kids will have a blast, and there should be plenty of laughs for the adults. If you saw the first movie, and hated it, well... I feel sorry for you. 

Is it theater-worthy?:  Honestly? Yeah. This movie plays well in a crowded theater, with the sort of symbiotic laughter that just helps make things that much more enjoyable. It is also showing in 3D, but since 3D movies end up causing my head to hurt, I can not speak to the quality of the 3D. I can just say, infectious laughter is a grand thing.

Final Thoughts: A worthy successor to the first film, and a fine addition to the often neglected family film collection. This is one of those films, that will find its way onto my media shelf, even if I have to sell an organ to get it there. And I hope it ends up on yours as well. Once again, I wish I had a child of my own to share this movie with, and that... is still one of the greatest compliments I can give a movie like this.

Frank's Final Score: 8.5 out of 10 

And just because... If I get 5 comments on this post, I will torture myself, and watch the Lone Ranger, and review it as well...