Sadly, I am just a single person, and am not always able to peruse every project that comes forth on Kickstarter. In cases like this, I rely heavily on the suggestions of others to find out what is out there that I may have missed. In fact, that is a large portion of the reason I write these Kickstarter posts, to suggest to you what I find interesting, and think you may want to back! 

I get quite involved in some of these campaigns, as may be evidenced by my recent flurry of "Fairytale Games" posts. When I post these projects, I am recommending them to you based on perceived value for your money, as well as enjoyability. I don't want to hype up something that is going to be, uninteresting, or a waste of money, so I tend to research these projects before I really go out there and tell people about it.

So, I think it is time to stop rambling and jump into the recommendations. 

1) Ancient Terrible Things.

Received a couple emails requesting that I look into this one. By far, this one has received the most love. The game is a pulp-horror exploration/ resource management game. With a  combination of lucky dice rolls, and resource utilization, you must overcome a series of encounters. The game mechanics appear to be simple enough to be accessible to the majority of people, while providing an interesting aesthetic that should also be appealing to the masses. The game is available in South Africa, and The US at a $45 buy in, in Canada and the EU at a $55 buy in, and worldwide at an $80 buy in. The game shows lots of promise for expansions, and seems set to hit most of the stretch goals, providing even greater value! Click on the name above, and give it a look for yourself. Or check out their campaign's intro video below, and then go back it! 

2) Liege

As I have stated before, I loved the classic video game RPGs. This game, was recommended to me in a comment, on my last Kickstarter post, and I thought it looked intriguing enough to add to this list. This game appears to be a tactical RPG, that relies heavily on troop placement, much like my beloved Disgaea (but without the insane over-the-top combos and such). The art gives it a nice look, simple without being overly simplistic. The game looks set to break most stretch goals as well, adding extra value to your pledge, and with a $10 buy in, how can you go wrong? Although, if you have a friend and want to get them a copy, you can't go wrong with the $50 tier.  Click on the project name above to go pledge. Wanted to include an audio excerpt to give you a feel for the epic soundtrack, but... couldn't grab the embed code, so just click on the link above!

3) OZombie

From the mind of American McGee, this one is a rather massive project, but from the sounds of it well worth it. It is an action adventure game that follows Dorothy's great-great-granddaughter as she attempts to free the land of Oz from the tyrannical rule of The Scarecrow (concept art below). Considering the creative mind behind this, I have full faith that it will be an interesting and delightfully dark interpretation of the OZ mythos. The concept art alone warrants a second look! So check this project out, and help me find out what is in the box! With a $15 buy in, this game is fairly affordable, and much cheaper than many games out on the market. Click on the name up above, and join the ranks of the OZombies! 

And finally my standard disclaimer. I do not own these images, and have no personal stake in these productions. All images and videos are readily available on the specific Kickstarter campaigns that they are linked to, and are used solely to promote the projects.