KHAI OF Q'WENU: The Prelude


Vor-Khai was originally created to define a legacy for our Supara project. A McGuffin to use whenever we needed something revealed from the past or an avenue for a potential villain from space. Also, Khai was going to be the figure that all of our other characters could look to when they’re in need of help. Well something happened... We started liking him as something more than that; and that goes for all the other Foundation characters too.

As mentioned in the last Supara Update, we plan on releasing weekly or at least somewhat-semi-regular entries or “chapters” of the Foundation’s origins here on Slamfist Media. Indeed, we basically retconned or revisited everything we’ve ever written for them before but it’s no matter. The beginning to the Supara Universe begins here with the "Foundation Files".

Please keep in mind that this is all very new and has become a delightful undertaking thus far. We’ve encountered some bumps but for the most part, they've been dealt with. Who knew the woes of writing when it came to length, goal, and full premise of the entire story? Is there an end to this or just some ongoing drawn out weekly writing project? It’s all those things. Now at first, I was battling with length. 6 chapters, at 1,000 words each, a fine recipe to a solid short story. Well, I just completed the first chapter… 2,100+ words. Damn it all. Living up to your own expectations is not something I’m used to but doubling it? I've surprised myself. So I’m just going to keep writing with the original plot in mind until I run out of steam. Yes, there is an end. Yes, this is all canon, but this is also a project. As far as length goes per chapter, I highly doubt every entry will be as long as the first just because like a sequel; all the elements are already out there… use them, don’t abuse them.

What’s been the most exciting part for me is coming up with supporting characters, places of note, and events. Khai comes from a planet quite similar to ours but I wanted to make it different enough so the reader can experience something grounded but at the same time, completely un-Earth-like. Since there is a LOT of story beneath Khai’s initial tale, I decided to mirror what other science fiction and fantasy writers do; wrote a prelude, hopefully design a poorly illustrated map of Q’wenu & its neighboring planets, and I came up with something called “Hexia Reports.” They’re basically 4 reports that break down and detail what each habitable planet within the Hexia Quadrant contains; such as descriptions of the planet, species, and governments. I originally wrote the reports more as a personal cheat sheet but I think having them out there as another source of information could be beneficial to everyone.

Alright then, without further ado…


The year is 723.2 A.X. or After Xie; named as such after the monumental defeat of the intergalactic terror known as the Xie Empire of Bolom Prime. After the fall, the first Unification Treaty for all planets of the Hexia Quadrant was submitted in hopes to restore peace and settle any remaining difference between the neighboring planets. The Hexia Quadrant refers to 4 habitable planets within 16 planets of the Gularia Solar System. The other planets  have already either been inhabited, completely abandoned, war-struck, drained of any remaining natural resources, created as mega-constructs, or too harsh to live on.

The Ka’shasi (Kas) are a native race of Q’wenu that nearly lost a quarter of their population during the Xie conflict. After the Unification Treaty, each major nation of Q’wenu joined forces to reestablish their decimated population. Taking measures so far beyond unspeakable that they needed to seek aid. Out of desperation, 5 years would pass before the Kas set up a trade agreement with the ancient Chunar; the race of Shenai.

It was the Xie Empire that claimed the presence of the Chunar to be wicked, and that their technology posed an apocalyptic threat to the entire Galaxy. That their species was God-like, causing endless destruction and leaving galaxies in ruin where ever they traveled. What we known of the mysterious race is that they’re from a dead galaxy. Forewarned of a supernova, they fled their planet to look for another home. When they breached Gularia over 2,000 years ago, they terraformed a once uninhabitable planet, the closet one to the Sun, into Shenai. In their language, it means “To Rise."

They've proven themselves peaceful since they arrived over a millennium ago and remained as such even after half the Xie wiped out half their population. That was until 704.38... when the Elders of Romonah would return home.

The Romonah are specially bred warriors of the Chunar. Impervious to old age. Immune to illness. Can defy gravity and wield incredible amounts of power. They are the perfect warriors. The majority of them departed from Shenai almost 800 years ago to search and regroup with other splinters of their kind. Upon their return, they can see the scars of the past. They can feel the weight over each generation. 700 years have past since the cowardice acts of Xie were committed and they're seeking justice. The Elders carry a lot of influence among their kind and they're not as forgiving as their common brothers.

It's now been 19 years since the Chunar's war on the Allied Planets began. Bolom Prime, home of the now, Xioxie Republic has been turned into a chemical wasteland. Ciliumos is is being starved out, cutting off trade and much needed supplies for a fringe planet. And large portions of Q'wenu is currently under Chunar/Romonah occupation.

We're going to be following a squad of Kas from the nation of Soah on Q'wenu. They just uncovered some very important information...


Alright ladies and gents! That was the official Introduction and Prelude to Vor-Khai's origins on his homeworld of Q'wenu. I know you're not seeing a lot of Khai now. Just lots and lots of background information Trust me, it all leads somewhere. Next week we'll feature our first "Hexia Report - 1" revealing all you need to know about Q'wenu and "Chapter 1: The Valley of Uchuu-mura". Yes, yes, check your worries... they'll be plenty of Khai.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!