I was inspired to write this story, and all subsequent stories like this, by miniatures. If you followed the Fairytale games Kickstarter, you will know, that the ultimate stretch goal was a set of 40 miniatures for the game. 36 of those miniatures were set in stone, 4 were being voted on by the backers in a little poll I ran in the background of this site. Two of the final ten we were voting on, were Tinkerbell and The Frog Prince. Being that they are both, by nature, rather diminutive creatures, I saw in my diseased little head, a sort of battle scenario that I decided to commit to writing. I liked what I read, and sent it to Alex (the guy who ran the campaign) . He liked it, and well.... here we are. 

Shall we begin? 

Snazzy banner, right?

The Emerald City was quiet. All the munchkins had either been killed off, or gone into hiding, and it lent the once majestic city an eerie air. Prince Jakob, or the Frog Prince as he had come to be called, hopped through the empty streets. Bloodstains marred the yellow brick road, and fire still burned in the wizard’s palace. He had heard rumors that there might be some safe haven here, but seeing the devastation, he started to have his doubts.

Ever since the three queens had started their sadistic little game, Jakob had watched in horror as lifelong friends turned into bitter enemies. He observed shaky alliances fall apart at the first sign of something better. The kingdoms had turned into a bloody massacre. Jakob had only managed to survive as long as he had due to his diminutive size. Hiding was likely his best chance for continued survival.

Turning to leave the desolated city, Jakob screamed as he felt something cutting into his arm.

As his hand cupped the small wound, he saw a twinkling light zoom past. As his eyes tracked it, it turned and sped at him again, bringing the small knife to bear on his other arm.

Jakob jumped to the side, and swatted at the twinkling light, missing it by a fraction of an inch.

“So it would seem you’ve managed to survive as well, Tinkerbell.” Jakob danced around, keeping the twinkling light in his line of sight as much as possible. “It doesn’t have to be like this. We can hide, and survive, we don’t have to fight.”

She darted at him again, veering away at the last minute.

“So be it, my old friend.” Jakob sighed, as he resigned himself to the fight.

Tinkerbell made another pass, and as she shot by, Jakob shot his tongue out at the spiteful sprite. She dodged, and swiped at the tongue with her small knife. Jakob howled in pain, as his tongue retracted, blood streaming from the tip.

As blood trickled out the corner of Jakob's mouth, resignation turned to anger. As Tinkerbell made her next charge, Jakob, leapt to the side, and rounded quickly swatting her from the air. Stalking over to his fallen foe, Jakob shook his head.

“You forced my hand, Tink. Goodbye.”

He raised the small dagger he kept at his hip, the only weapon he carried in this new nightmare world. He plunged it down, intent on giving his one-time friend a quick and relatively painless death. The fairy moved out of the way, and blew a cloud of dust into Jakob’s eyes. He issued out a scream of frustration, as he slashed wildly at the air.

The sound of tinkling bells behind him was all the warning he got, as the fairy’s knife plunged into the back of his neck. The pain was more than he would have expected from such a small blade. Blood oozed down his back, as he fell forward, tears of pain filling his dust-covered eyes.

He rolled over, his sword forgotten as he rubbed at his eyes. Once more the tinkling bells rang through the air. His tongue darted out, and in a blink, Tinkerbell was dinner. Having felled his enemy, Jakob was overcome by grief for what he had just done.  However, her death gave him a chance to breathe, and rub the dust from his eyes.

“Tink… what have they done to us? The queens have ruined us…”

He slowly got to his feet, and began walking away. His search for sanctuary would have to continue elsewhere. Stumbling away, his eyes still blurry from the dust, his hand went to his stomach, as he felt a sharp stabbing pain.

“What the…”

His question was interrupted by a loud scream of pain, as a gore-soaked fairy burst from his stomach, her small blade dripping. Jakob’s eyes went wide, as he saw his former friend’s wild-eyed look. As the life drained from him, he wept. He knew that no matter who won this awful game, in the end, everyone would lose.


Next on my block... Alice vs The Hatter! Hopefully that will be here in two weeks!