One of the games I was planning to add for this update is apparently being released on Sunday, so it doesn't quite fit into the "New Release Tuesday" Concept. However, there are still movies, TV shows, and other games worth mentioning! Keep in mind, that I have sort of broken ways with my XBox 360, so most games I mention will generally be fore the PS3, or any non-XBox system.  So, shall we delve into the commercial abyss?


Part of what seems to be a trend of "Attack on the White House" films, "Olympus Has Fallen"  managed to slip past me in its time in the theater. On a strictly critical level, it isn't hard to see why, sitting at a mere 48% on the Tomatometer, it was hardly a hit with the critics, but it faired better with audiences, hitting 71% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 6.5 out of 10 over on IMDB. While it is not garnering critical acclaim, those that did like it praised the level of action, and comparisons have been drawn to one of the greatest action movies ever, "Die Hard". If you're looking for some action without the need of those extra brain cells, this might just be up your alley! Check it out by clicking the image below! (Left for Blu-Ray, Right for DVD)



This is one of those shows you generally either love, or hate. Me, I appreciate the moments of brilliance, and laugh at the often-times cheap special effects. Occasionally offering up conflict resolutions that feel more like a Saturday morning cartoon, rather than a prime time series, but dammit if I can't stop watching. The idea is interesting, and may or may not have served as the inspiration for the creators of "Fairytale Games" (If you aren't familiar, you obviously haven't been reading this blog long!) With a cast, that is fairly decent, and with writing by one of my favorite writers, the wonderful Jane Espenson, the show is addictive. If you've seen season one, and need to see season 2, click the images below to get your copy today! (Left Blu-ray, right DVD)


This movie is older than I am, but damned if I don't love it. This film has a certain nostalgic spot in my heart, that I do not think anything can ever sully. For a movie that came out before the internet was a thing, this movie is sitting at a whopping 90% on the Tomatometer. It is one of those great movies that people of all ages can sit down, and get a nice laugh at, with humor that still holds up even after nearly 35 years. While it may never go down as the greatest movie ever made, it is certainly one of the best puppet-centric movies ever made. Besides, without this movie, the recent "The Muppets" and the upcoming sequel would never have happened. And because I can... Enjoy a song from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem! And then click on the images below it to purchase the movie!  (Left Blu-Ray, Right DVD)


Riding off the wave of nostalgia from the previous entry, comes this blast from the past. A call back to bygone years, that replaces the pixelated representations of the NES with much more modern sprite-based graphics. The original game holds the distinction of being the first game I ever remember beating. Perhaps not much of an achievement, but to my 9 year old self, this was the pinnacle of greatness! I great the prospect of playing the remake with mild trepidation, however. Will this new version justify my nostalgic love of the game, or will it smash that child-like joy against the wall like so many remakes have done in the past? I'll find out when I have money to purchase it! But you can find out tomorrow, when it is released for PC, PS3, WiiU, and the XBox 360. ...No link for this one... Would anyone be opposed to the Duck Tales Theme song in the game's trailer here? Woo-oo!